And while we're on the subject...

I still very strongly dislike Westinghouse, and that is not going to change any time soon. I am hopeful, if only slightly, that I will be able to post an update at some point that states I am getting something from Westinghouse. If you don't see that update, well, then you know Westinghouse, like many other businesses, cares only about money, not about quality products or customer satisfaction. So, yes, I am pretty sure you won't be reading anything else positive about my TV situation.

But I am already on to another customer service-related post. Remember how last month I blogged about my annual appointment, and I threw in a comment about how I once again had to pay a specialist copay? I called my insurance company a week later to question this, and the CSR informed me that this year I should have paid nothing, thanks to the health care reform, which, admittedly, I don't know all the ins and outs of. The CSR said that last year I probably could have gone copay-free; the timing may have been off.

So I gave UPMC a month to refund my $25, and you can probably guess where this is going. One and a half months after my appointment, I called UPMC to ask about my copay refund. After reviewing my records/EOB, the CSR said that my insurance did not cover $13 of my visit but "would you like the $25 less the $13 refunded?" This confused and irritated me, making me wonder had I not called, if I would have gotten any money back. Then I asked CSR guy why my insurance would not have covered $13, as it seemed like such an odd amount. He said I would have to ask my insurance, but "let me just take a look to make sure we did not make a mistake on our end."

A few minutes later, CSR informs me that UMPC had erred (he probably did not use that word), and I will be getting my hard-fought $25 back. Do you think I would have seen this money had I not called? I don't either.

Non-profit, indeed!


chris h. said…
You go girl! I will say, one good thing that came out of health care reform is that my flu shot this year was covered by my insurance, whereas last year I had to shell out the $28 or so myself. (I found it unbelievable it wasn't covered last year -- in what universe does it make sense to pay for a doctor visit and meds due to people getting the flu rather than cover the preventive shot?)

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