Can I get a little credit for a shorter Part II?

If you took the time to read my last blog post, then thanks. It was a long one. For that reason, I am going to summarize my latest thoughts, which come on the heels of my meeting with the teacher, in the next two sentences to spare you from reading the four paragraphs that follow: I am about 95 percent sure my child is telling the truth for all the reasons I stated in the last post. However, 5 percent of me still cannot understand/believe that two different girls would make up things about my child.

I know I should probably just drop it. Move on. But as I said to Jordan, if I knew that someone said that I did something which I did not, then I would want to confront that person. I know I am not eight, but why is my kid not more bothered that another girl is supposedly making up things about her?

Jordan said she does not want to talk to the girl because she is afraid the girl will then tell the teacher that Jordan is bothering her or threatening her. Valid points, I realize. But the "life should be fair" person in me thinks that if Jordan nicely tells this girl that I don't believe J, which bothers Jordan, this will cause the girl to explain herself.

But then there is the 5 percent in me that can't help but wonder if my kid is not willing to talk to this girl because my kid just might not be 100 percent innocent. Maybe J grabbed another paper off the girl's desk. Maybe J accidentally hit the girl with the hula hoop and walked away because either J was embarrassed or J did not notice, and the girl took that to mean J did it on purpose.

There is also the issue of a different girl giving an unsigned note to the teacher saying that Jordan and another girl were spilling soap on the restroom floor. Because this soap thing has been a recurring problem at school, the teacher talked to the principal. Ugh. The 95 percent in me knows this is not something my kid would do. But that 5 percent has to wonder why a girl would make this up.

I will try to let this go, people. I promise. But it won't be easy.

I am walking away now....


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