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One week down

J survived her first week of fourth grade at her kind-of-new school (two other schools merged with hers). And I survived a week of lunch duty, which I can now smile about.

Change is hard for most of us (I am looking right at you, self!). And when many people have to do something completely different, with dozens upon dozens of new faces, in a place they are not used to, well, you should not expect sunshine and lollipops. At least not every day.

After my first day of lunch duty this week, I wanted to cry. It was chaotic at times. There are 140 more students than there were last year, and of those students, probably 160 are new to me. So I cannot call many of them by name to get their attention or correct them. In the case of the last lunch (there are three), I have no idea who is in what grade since they can sit wherever they want, which means I often don't know if the correct kids are heading out to recess (we call them a grade at a time).

Throughout this week, I saw some kids sit…

I'm back, or so I think

I have missed this blog, if only a bit. There have been at least a half dozen times that I wanted to write a post. Mostly they were rants, including some customer service issues, and a few were about life events. But when you are away from blogging for only a few weeks, how many things could you have missed about me? Not too many!

I had my kid's birthday party at the Animal Rescue League's Wildlife Center. I like a party where you can give back, which is what we did. The girls made cat toys and bird feeders, and I made a monetary donation as well as bought a bunch of needed supplies. Everyone seemed to have a great time (one mom told me the next week that her daughter said that was the best birthday party she had ever been to). And considering this was Jordan's first friend party and probably her last for quite some time, I am glad it went well, my over-planning and running out of time notwithstanding. As you might have guessed, my kid had a birthday. She is nine. How can t…

On a break

One of my favorite TV lines, from one of my all-time favorite TV shows (Friends), is Ross's whiny but emphatic "But we were on a break!"

Blog readers, a break is just what I am going to go on.

I have no idea how long this break will last. Chances are good that something (probably Penn State-related) will come up that will lure me back to this place before too long. But my goal is to step away for awhile.

This blog has helped me work through some things. This blog has let me capture some of life's events. This blog has also allowed me to get to know people.

But lately I have just not been feeling it. I want to be able to say and share more, but I can't, mostly because I keep hearing my mother warning me to stop posting so much about my life. And I am trying so hard not to be negative and judgmental, but blogs seem to bring those very things out.

So I bid you adieu for now, on Sidney Crosby's birthday (happy 25th!).

And in case I am not back for awhile...

Go …