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Too much stuff

As the Christmas season is fully upon us (no denying it now that Turkey Day is out of the way), I am faced with dilemma of not only what to buy for others but also what to tell people to buy for me. A big part of me wishes we could completely take presents out of the equation and focus on what the season is really about (or what it should be, for us Christians). But that won't happen. And besides, I do obtain some joy in buying for others, though that good feeling mostly lies in my shopping for the giving tree at church, where I can feel reasonably secure that whoever is getting my gift wants and needs what I have bought.

But most of the rest of us? Do we really need anything? I have lamented about my being under-employed for years and how we sometimes struggle. But I know that compared to so many others, my family and I have it good. We have a roof over our heads, cars that run, closets and drawers full of clothes, food in our kitchen, a new oven to cook that food in, an HD TV (t…

For the sports fan

Today the hubby and I spent a few hours at the Senator John Heinz History Center in the Burgh. I was last there sometime between 10 and 15 years ago, and I don't remember the place as being even half the size. Before we were even about halfway finished, my feet and legs hurt!

Hubby and I went mostly for Gridiron Glory, which is where we began our tour. Unfortunately, even though only a certain number of tickets are sold for that exhibit per time slot, it was crazy crowded with people, making it difficult to see everything (I so wanted to check out the instant replay booth, but did not feel like waiting in a four-person-deep line). Regardless, the exhibit was pretty cool. I learned a few things, most of which I forget because, as has been clearly documented, my memory is like a sieve. I liked that you could touch footballs, wear shoulder pads, see how big some football players arms were, and relive many great moments. Not surprisingly, I found the Steeler-related memorabilia and an…

I'm still here, but...

I have been insanely busy the past couple of weeks. A big part of it has been dealing with my father, who lives several states away but drove up here three weeks ago for hip surgery (he's still here). Someday I will write about some of what has gone on, most of it not good due to a variety of factors. But it is a safe bet a lot of it will stay in my mind (or at least off this blog).

In any event, I do miss blogging. I miss updating you about what is going on (my kid won a contest, my kid started piano lessons, my volunteering in the after-school program has been an interesting experience, I am working on a project). I also miss having a sounding board and getting advice (family angst, two-faced people make me go grr, etc.).

But for now, I have to get back to working on that project (yeah, work!). Here's hoping I can be done and in bed before 10 p.m. because I have another full day ahead and several more after that.

Talk to ya later, peeps!

But sometimes I still like to be front and center

My last post about fading into the background is absolutely true for the vast majority of the time. Every once in awhile, however, the "old" me shows herself. Yesterday and today are two examples.

Story 1: Facie the Competitor

Some guy at the pool yesterday: You have been swimming a really long time. You must be tired after all those laps.
Me (slightly annoyed): No, I have done only 10 (which took me about 12 minutes, which is not a long time).
I swim more laps and notice the guy looking at me as I am swimming towards him.
The guy: Do you want to race me?
Me (after my jaw drops): I might swim a lot of laps, but I am not fast. I then swim away, wondering if I had traveled back in time and am at some junior high camp. I continue to swim my laps and actually consider racing him. After all, I used to be quite competitive. And I just finished about 24 laps and still have energy for more. He is of average build, closer to thin, but he keeps taking breaks after a few laps. So I am t…

I like to fade into the background

Years ago, pretty much before I had a kid and it became all about her, I embraced being the center of attention, musically speaking. In high school, I was in the musicals and plays, eventually working my way up to the leading role my senior year (Reno Sweeney in "Anything Goes"). I was also in the chorus, and had a few solos here and there. And the first half of my senior year I pretty much was the alto section since most everyone else could not get the harmonies or was too shy to sing out (I jumped ship to the sopranos the last half of the year because I wanted the "easy" part).

In college I used to sing in the dorm showers, and Mariah Carey's "Vanishing" got me a tryout with a local band thanks to someone in the dorm hearing me sing. My senior year, four of us worked on an education project in which we all shared our musical talents with the class (I sang something from my favorite show, "Jesus Christ Superstar"). And after 13 years of si…