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So this is the bus...

This week, thanks to the college kids moving to (or back to) school, parking at work has been tricky. My usual lot as well as my backup one had been closed, and I received conflicting info as to when they'd open. Monday I drove around for awhile and lucked out, as some city dweller was just leaving his large space. But because I can't parallel park worth a crap and spaces are far and few, I decided to look into taking a bus. 
Public transportation is not for everyone. In fact the hubby told me the only way he would ever get on a bus was if someone put his casket in there (lovely, eh). But I am all kinds of optimism mixed with sensibility so I figured it could not be that bad. Probably the worst part about it is there have been so many stops eliminated, so it is not convenient for everyone.
My original plan was to catch a bus a couple communities over, where the kid goes to day care, since I drop her off. But, alas, I discovered that would entail dropping her off about 20 minutes…

Crossing something off my bucket list (kind of)

Full disclosure: I don't have an actual bucket list, at least not something physical. And I don't have a lofty list of things I hope to accomplish partly because I am not that motivated but mostly because I am risk-averse. I would think people would have things like sky-diving or mountain-climbing on their lists.

For many years I wanted to travel to a few places, including New Orleans, California, and Hawaii. But since I hate flying, I have decided if I make it to Hawaii, that would be great. Beyond that, this homebody just does not have a travel wish or bucket list. I guess I should be glad I went to Europe when I was in high school (which also happened to be the first time I ever flew on an airplane).
I really don't know the kinds of things people even put on their bucket lists. I got married and had a kid.  I own a house (though as I have said many times that is not all it is cracked up to be). When I was in high school, I did not even care if I went to college, but whe…

It's the end of the world as we know it

Just a quick post to say that the Pirates are in first place in their division AND it is August! The last time that happened, I was in college. That almost makes me feel old.

In any event, people, this is a big deal. Huge. The fans finally have a reason to go to beautiful PNC Park other than to watch pieorogies race (which I thoroughly enjoy, by the way).

I know so many people who were not alive the last time the Pirates were relevant.

But relevant the Buccos are.

Let's go, Bucs!