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Another health care rant

As I have ranted and rambled about before, Brian has rather crappy insurance, which I unfortunately had to get on at the beginning of the year because we could not afford paying the monthly Cobra payment. But, as I learned in econ or some other class, "opportunity costs" or something like that. So to save several hundred dollars a month for the right (er, privilege) to have insurance, we have to hope we don't need much of it. If one of us gets sick, well, then, it may have made more sense to pay more money monthly.

When I went to my annual day of torture on Friday (i.e., the gynecologist), I was surprised that my copay was $25. On my insurance card, there is a line for Office Visit Copayment, for $15, and there is another line for Specialist Office Visit Copayment, for $25. There is nothing special about going to the gynecologist. It is something that I am pretty sure women should do yearly once they become "grownups" or younger, if they start doing the horizon…

I don't do sick

I just finished a bagel. That would not normally be noteworthy except that I last put a bite of food in my mouth about 23 hours ago. My going without eating for more than a few hours is rare. Almost 24 hours without food is downright apocalyptic.

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling a little ill and a lot tired. I don't sleep well if I am not in my own bed. And sharing a room with Jordan, my little brother, his wife, and their three kids, aged two months to four years, only exacerbated the problem. After a couple of cups of joe, I managed to get through the baptism of my newest nephew, probably helped by his entertaining crying through the entire ceremony as well as his two brothers punching each other during part of it. I forced myself to eat at the brunch after because I love food, particularly breakfast, but it was not easy. I could not even manage a bloody Mary, my favorite brunch drink. :-(

The Steelers (I heart Charlie Batch!) game kept my exhaustion and upset stomach in che…

People are stupid

I have been pretty nice over the past year and a half. Well, generally speaking, I have always been a nice person; not too many people would describe me as mean, moody, or bitchy. But as much as I try to be kind (or at least not hurtful or rude), today I just have to say that some people are stupid, as mean as that sounds.

Yesterday, some idiot on a bike biked right in front of me. Why was that stupid? Well, I was the second car in line waiting for the green light. Once it turned green, the first car went. Then I started to go. Except I had to stop because this moron bicyclist crossed right in front of me when his light had been red for at least 10 or 15 seconds. And he was biking on the sidewalk. At least he was wearing a helmet...


 Last week I received a letter from a law firm that represents Duquesne Light (you may recall, we had our second power surge in just over eight months, and many of us think DL is responsible). The letter asked that we complete an inventory sheet and …

A tale of two parents (and one injured child)

Jordan got hurt at recess on Friday. I got a call from the secretary, who said as much. When I asked if I should come to get her (I assumed that was why she was calling), B said probably not, but that Jordan was just scared and needed to be reassured. Part of me thought, if she is not that hurt that I don't need to get her, why must I make the 30-minute round trip just to give her a hug? But the secretary did use the word blood.

I had had a busy morning, having spent almost two hours filling out an online application. For the record I have no idea how many years of experience I have with WordPerfect, mostly because I am pretty sure it has been years since I used that program. And I also had no idea how to answer my experience with PowerPoint. I have used it. I feel comfortable with it. But it is not as if I have spent X number of years creating programs. But I digress.

So I show up at school, see my kid with a cold pack on her lip, crying. The teacher on duty (no nurse at a small…

Is it that difficult it to return emails?

Every couple of months, I go through this panic. I worry that we will run out of money and will be forced to start living off our savings. I have said that it is coming, but unfortunately, it is now pretty close. I guess the good news is that Brian seems to be on board with our giving no one Christmas presents this year. :-)

I met a friend for lunch yesterday and I told her one of the hardest aspects about the job search and even networking in general is the people who have offered to help but never really did. I neither asked for nor expected anyone to find a job for me. Rather, I thought that the nice former client, former coworker, friend, friend of a friend, etc., might reply to an email I sent. The email might have been a simple question, such as do you know anyone at _______ or can you tell me if your company is hiring or looking for freelance help. Perhaps slightly more work for said non-responder would be an email address for an HR person or a request to use their name (not to…

On the lighter side

I spent most of the day yesterday watching various 9/11 programs on the History Channel. Some I had seen last year, one probably a few years ago, and at least one was new to me. As gripping and harrowing as they were, by 11 p.m., I had, quite simply, OD'ed on 9/11.

So tonight I want to think about things that have made me smile the past few days. My family (most especially Jordan and Brian), relatives, and friends make me happy so much more often than not, but I decided not to include them in this list. Not surprisingly, since it is September, quite a few of my happy thoughts revolve around football. :-)
Football season. Every year I expect the Steelers to make it to the playoffs, and much more often than not, they don't disappoint. Even though I can't say with a lot of confidence that the Black 'n' Gold will get there this year, there is something exciting about the first game of the season (and, during this unusual year, seeing what a relatively new QB can do).Tro…

Nine years

I don't have to look at my blog posts from previous years (but I will, after I finish writing this) to know what I wrote about 9/11 the last two years. I have no doubt I said that I used to be paranoid about things (planes flying overhead in particular), but that eventually I stopped being consumed with worry and feeling that impending sense of doom. Time marches on, and people go back to the way things were, as much as they can. (I still don't like to fly, but I did not care for it before 9/11 either.)

The reality is that we have tragedies every day. People get sick. People die. People are hateful. People do bad things.

But people get better. People continue living. And many people are loving, kind, and compassionate.

I don't think I will ever forget 9/11, what I was doing and how I felt. But as important, I want to do my best to be tolerant of others and not to generalize. We must remember that just because one person or even many people from a group do something or ac…

Pigeons ARE evil (but mostly it's just the electric company)

If you have ever read That's Church, you know that Ginny over there hates pigeons. Hate is not a strong enough word, actually. Me? I never had much of an opinion either way regarding those birds. Until today.

According to several people, one of whom works for Duquesne Light, this morning a pigeon ran into an electrical wire in my neighborhood and caused a power surge (which also caused said pigeon's wings to go up in flames), our second in just over eight months. (By second, I am referring to second power surge, not second occurrence of burning pigeon wings.)

According to a recording, Duquesne Light first said there was an equipment malfunction. Just before the power came back on about 2.5 hours later, the reason changed to an animal. Regardless, we lost a computer, two cable (FiOS) boxes, a TV, a radio/CD/cassette player (hey, I still play cassettes sometimes), and about eight light bulbs. I am hoping since our AC works, the furnace will too (that was our big loss last time),…