Random ramblings

I have a handful (well, maybe two handfuls) of things on my noodle, starting with a memorable Thanksgiving, so let's get right to it!

  • Not sure which I will remember more about Thanksgiving day, my adult cousin's obscene t-shirt that he refused to remove for me or my three-year-old nephew trying to hit Jordan with a two-pound weight, but missing her and instead nailing his older brother in the head, which resulted in a trip to the ER. Good times!
  • I wish my brothers and their families lived closer. I tend to be all about quantity since I typically see them only two or three times a year, and it gets crazy with so many people, including seven kids ages eight and under, in one small place.
  • In one week I will be 40. I still think I am okay with that. Ask me again next week at this time.
  • Some people are idiots. I realize I did not say anything new there, but Black Friday tends to bring out the biggest morons and jag-offs in full force. Ugh.
  • Speaking of jag-offs, while in Indiana (the town) for Thanksgiving,  I went to Steel City Samiches, which serves Primanti-style sandwiches among other things. I like Primanti's, but tend to get there rather infrequently, so it was nice to enjoy a "samich" there. Great server too. 
  • Those Steelers! What's up with their practically lying down for the bad teams?
  • The Nittany Lions should just be thankful that they have finished the season with nine wins. They are the one of the worse nine-win teams out there. Still a fan, though.
  • Keep going, Pens! And please stay healthy, Sid!
  • The holiday season (I have no problem calling it that since it technically is not Christmas yet) is upon us, and I am pretty sure this is the last one during with the kid will believe in Santa. Makes me sad.
Have a great week, everyone!


LaLa said…
How old is your cuz and what did his shirt say?!
This may be wrong to say but glad your nephew is a bad aim. Better his brother than your kid. Yikes.
What a Thanksgiving!!
Oh, that shirt would have irked me too.

I recently took my 4 year old for a haircut and there was a young man there with a hat that said "F*** You" on it (without the *'s, of course). Interesting fashion statement. Never before have I been so glad that my son can't read! :)
Facie said…
LaLa: Cousin is 30; his shirt said something like, "I don't need sex, I get f'd by the government every day" (and the F word was spelled out). Lovely, eh?

My SIL, brother, and I all agree with your sentiment about my nephew hitting his brother instead.

Kristen: A few years back I saw a daycare worker on the news wearing a shirt that said, "On ice or grass, we'll kick your a$$." The shirt referenced the Steelers football team and Penguins hockey team winning their championships that year.

I am ashamed to admit I bought the same shirt in the excitement of the moment; however, rational thinking won out, and the shirt has never left my drawer. But a daycare worker?
Ann Milazzo said…
I wish we lived closer as well. I am thrilled Brody hit Ben and not Jordan (Brody got his Saturday night when he fell and cut his own head) Ben is fine glue has dissolved and almost healed. I can't believe your almost 40, I wish I was there to take you out.

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