Some head-scratchers

I have a bunch of thoughts swimming around my head. But since they center around things that are currently perplexing and/or bothering me, I am forgoing a "random ramblings" post title. Here goes nothing.

  • I love Joe Paterno. But I am not sure if he should keep on coaching. On the one hand, he has done so much for the school, and he really is a great, funny (at least he was when I met him about eight years ago) guy. But on the other hand, considering he is almost 84 and seems to have lost a bit of his step, shouldn't he hang it up?
  • Is there an intelligent reason that about 13 million people are still paying off last year's Christmas purchases? I saw this stat on the local news and was appalled. Other than someone's buying a car or perhaps a computer, IMHO there are no other purchases that should not have been paid off within a few months (for the record, if I get to the point where I have to carry a credit card balance, it would not be for gifts, but I am trying to consider extenuating circumstances some people may have).
  • I tend not to care so much about what others think, but when it comes to some of the mothers at my kid's school, why does it seem like high school all over again? A few weeks ago, J's teacher asked the parents to fill out a sheet about why we are thankful for our kid. Her teacher said we could decorate it, jazz it up, etc. That bothered me, and at first, I just wrote down all my thankful reasons, but then I thought that other mothers might do something fancy, and Jordan's sheet would look sad in comparison, so I colored some things in as well as added some stickers. I am not sure which is worse, that I did not want to go the extra mile or that I care what these people think. I won't even go into the Star Student crap right now.
  • If you don't want people to know personal details about your life (or question some of what you say), why would you share these things on Facebook? If you write "I've got big news" or "I can't wait to move," you should not be surprised if someone asks what is going on or assumes you are moving! At the same time, if you are so apt to share your feelings about politics, TV shows, sports teams, etc., you should not tell others to keep their thoughts to themselves.
  • I wish people would not tell me negative things about our mutual friends/relatives. If I know that Sally thinks that Lucy is full of herself, it makes it very difficult for me when Lucy asks me if I know why Sally has been so distant lately. I either have to lie and say I don't know, or I have to tell Lucy the truth, which will hurt her feelings and probably make Sally mad at me. So if you happen to be one of the few friends I have left, let's keep it that way.
  • I still don't understand why people lie about or hide their age. I no longer think of my birthday as a holiday, believe it or not (though in one week, I will be wearing "It's my birthday" pin for all to see), but I still am happy to let everyone know that I will be 39 in one week! What is the point of pretending to be younger than you are? Wouldn't you much rather have someone think you look good for your age, instead of their thinking you look kind of ragged for that age?! Maybe if you are in Hollywood, I can see it mattering, but for the rest of us? Who cares.
Now, on to something I don't struggle with, my love of football and food!


Anonymous said…
You covered some ground there...
Joe Paterno is old, not surprised people are up to their eyeballs in Xmas gift debt, fahgeddabout what others think AND about age in general. Age discrimination is out there so why acknowledge age at all?

Oh and happy birthday early!

Signed, Old Enuff 2 No Better
Facie said…
Yes, anonymous, JoePa is pretty darn old, but still love him.

I know that so many people carry cc balances, so I am not sure why that surprises me. Over the years, I have cut down my gift-giving, so it seems crazy to take a year to pay off several hundred dollars (and then rack up another 100 bucks or more in interest), but I bet those people spend 1k or more on Christmas, so not so hard to fathom, I guess.

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