At least I didn't have to lie!

My kid seems to be a little accident prone. A couple of years ago, Jordan fell backwards into a register, thus necessitating a trip to Children's Hospital and subsequent rants about health care. Less than two months ago, she had the mystery injury at recess. Last night, while swimming (thanks to my mother-in-law we have a six-month pool membership at a nearby hotel), Jordan said to me, "Mommy, I think I chipped my tooth." This immediately caused flashbacks to when I was about 10 and chipped my front tooth while going backwards down a water slide (yes, that was a stupid thing to do, but technically I chipped my tooth as I was turning the right way, once I realized just how dumb I was being, so I was probably more stupid doing the right thing). Anyway, I walked over to Jordan, who was clutching her mouth and crying a bit by now. I asked her to open her mouth, upon which I discovered she no longer had her top front teeth. Eek!

For a couple of seconds, I panicked, but then remembered she was seven, an age when some kids have already lost their front teeth, plus those teeth had been "wiggly" for a couple of months now. I already felt better. She, unfortunately, being quite dramatic, did not see it my way, even though she, fortunately, was in no pain. So I resorted to talking up a visit from the tooth fairy.

As you may recall, I am no fan of the tooth fairy. But because this event was a little traumatic for Jordan, I decided I could get over my disdain of the stupid farce, to try to take her mind off this incident. Luckily, we were able to find both of her teeth (one was in her hand the entire time; the kid refused to remove her hand from her mouth for about 20 minutes), and we headed home to find Jordan's (formerly my) little tooth pillow.

We put the teeth in the little pillow and placed it on her dresser, just as we had done the previous two times she lost her teeth. Even though my kid is a pretty sound sleeper, I have woken her up by kissing her, so I don't want to take any chances by putting something under her pillow. Once she was asleep, I debated if I should do something extra, perhaps even write a little note. Earlier, Jordan wondered aloud if the tooth fairy had tiny handwriting. I concluded she, in fact, does, something that helps a messy writer like I.

I decided to throw in two quarters on top of the usual dollar per tooth, and I included a tiny note with tiny handwriting that explained she was getting the quarters for loosing two teeth at once (I considered an extra dollar, but this seemed better, if not cheaper). When Jordan woke up this morning, she was quite excited to get the money and the note. And then she asked me if I wrote it.

I am a horrible liar. I am probably one of the most honest people you will ever meet. Truly. So I replied, "Do you think I did?" She smiled and said, "No."


But I am still not a fan of the tooth fairy.


Mel said…
this made me chuckle. aw, the many ways in which we mislead our children. sounds like it all ended pretty well. maybe J can learn to whistle through the hole in her teeth!!!
Facie said…
Actually, I ended up feeling kind of guilty about further perpetuating this lie. Ugh!

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