And now I feel even worse for Skippy

Surprisingly (at least to me), the Steelers cut Jeff Reed today. Sure, his percentages were down this year. Yes, he missed a chip shot as well as a handful of kicks from 40 to 49 yards. And he did have a penchant for drinking and getting himself into trouble as well as running his mouth off. But that still did not seem to be enough (for me, anyway) to cut Skippy halfway through the season for some guy many of us in these part have never even heard of, former Washington Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham. I'd like to think Skippy would have picked his game up. After all, the Steelers signed a couple of former Steelers this year, even though they are certainly no younger and seemingly not better than they were when they were last here.

Clearly, I will never be a coach or owner of a professional sports team. I just would not be able to do figure out and then act upon things of that nature (those last three words were a Tomlinism, in case you did not know that).

Sure, some paper towel dispensers around here can breath a little easier. But what about the 5 percent of the Heinz Field attendees who showed up only to boo Jeff Reed (according to Skippy himself)? Hopefully, there are another 3,000-plus fans to take their places.

Oh, well. Yeah, I still feel bad for Jeff Reed. But I feel a little worse for Steeler Nation.


Facie said…
Just to be clear, I am, selfishly, more concerned about how the Steelers will fare. I may feel a little bad for Jeff; he has been one of the most accurate kickers and could perhaps turn it around. But I definitely don't feel sorry for him (in my mind there is a difference between feeling bad and feeling sorry). The guy makes a lot of money. I assume he will be just fine elsewhere. And even if the Steelers/Tomlin would not say it, his being cut had to have something to do with his rants and other things. Why else would you bring in a kicker who is actually worse than the one you just cut? A kicker who was cut by two other teams?

I guess I just don't see Jeff in the same vein as I did Kris Brown. I think the Steelers cut KB at some point during the season for Jeff Reed. Regardless, Kris Brown, IMO, had something going on in his head that prevented him from kicking well for the Steelers. They had to cut him.

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