I feel kind of bad for Jeff Reed

When Skippy missed that short field goal last night, I said, just as I did last week when he missed another short(ish) one, "The Steelers must have known what they were doing when they did not sign him to a long-term contract."

Not that it would have mattered. The Steelers were totally schooled last night. I did not care so much when they lost to New Orleans. After all, the Saints were the defending Super Bowl champs, who perhaps did not take the Browns (aka the Clowns) as seriously as they probably should have. Plus, the Saints are in the NFC, so no biggie. But for the love to Pete, the Pats, who are, unfortunately, in the AFC, sure seem to have the Steelers' number.

As much as I do not like Big Ben (as a person), I thought he played pretty well last weekend (and, yes, I realize, that was against the Bungles). Sure some throws were low or high (I forget), and he probably had an ill-advised pick (who can remember), but he just looked good overall, particularly the way he seemed to shake off defenders like some snowflakes on a coat.

But that was not the case last night. Which is why I cannot heap too much criticism on Skippy Reed. Just a few minutes into the game, you could see how bad the field looked, which is pretty typical for Heinz Field this time of year. Still, he should not have missed that easy kick. He also should stop crying about the fans booing him.

As I have said in a few posts (not sure which ones), I am not one to boo. But people spend a lot of money for these tickets, and these athletes make a lot of money, so if people want to boo, then I say let them. Suck it up, Skippy. Try harder.

But I do still feel bad for you.


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