A huge valley

Although I am so very glad I won't have to suffer through dozens of political ads for at least a little while, it looks as if I will be listening to, watching, and reading the strong opinions of friends, relatives, bloggers, the media, etc., for the foreseeable future.

So many people think their way is the only way. But is it possible there is not just one right way? I can see the beauty of gray, so why can't others? Why must so many refer to those on the opposite side as crazy, extreme, out of touch, socialist, racist, greedy, idiots, morally bankrupt, gun-toting, stupid, lazy, uncaring, religiously fanatical, and smelly? I am only partly kidding about that last adjective, but I do find it sad that conservative and liberal have become "bad" words for many people.

I am neither all-knowing nor able to predict the future, so I have no idea how this will turn out. I do find it a little sad that a lot of young people who were so jazzed about the 2008 election did not bother to show up for this election. Is it because they are already disgruntled? Do they think because this was not a presidential election that it did not matter? I have no idea.

I also find it perplexing that some local people think that President Obama and the Democratic Congress have not had enough time to get things done/right the ship, but yet they seem unable to find fault with PA government, which has been led by a Democrat governor for the past eight years. Honestly, I don't know if two years is enough time for the country to change; I am no political expert. But I would think that after eight years of a suffering PA economy, which included higher taxes, surely it is time to give another party a chance. If someone smarter than I would like to tell me that I am comparing apples to turnips, I am all ears. 

A few more personal observations:

  • I am a little disturbed that both Jane Orie and Bill DeWeese won their races. But not really surprised.
  • I was, however, surprised that Dan Onorato lost the rather blue Allegheny County. Maybe the county was just feeling blue about him? Maybe people were afraid his name would be too hard to pronounce for the next four years?
  • I felt bad for President Obama while watching the first 15 minutes of his news conference yesterday (maybe it got better). Although I appreciated the reporters who asked him tough questions, I did want to give him a hug. His job is really, really difficult, and one I would never want, not for anything.
  • I posted this tidbit on Facebook and on another blog: Because of an odd Big Brother fear, earlier this year, I typed in the address of my neighbor across the street to find out which voting district I was in/who my candidates were. Imagine my surprise when I got to the polling place on Tuesday to discover two other choices for US rep. Fail.
  • I wish my polling place had food. Or at least "I voted" stickers. Seriously jealous of places like this.
Now let's all hold hands and try to get along for the next two years, six years, the rest of our lives.

Peace. Out.


Anonymous said…
Um don't reps serve two year terms?! I guess they are expected to accomplish things in two years but the prez is not? Ima confused.

Funny election story.
Facie said…
Anon, I thought about the two-year term thing. I just don't know enough about how everything works to know if that is a valid comparison, though on the surface is sure seems to be.

I just have to hope that this ship can be righted by someone or more likely several someones. And I find it sad that anyone feels differently or felt differently two years ago (i.e., they just want the "other person/people" to fail so they can say "I told you so.").

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