Many things to be thankful for (or for which to be thankful)

I am guessing that in years past, I have listed things for which I am thankful. Might as well continue down the path. So here goes my list. I hope every single one of you can find something, even many things, for which to be thankful.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, Toforkey, and Slapsgiving!
  • Family (especially Jordan and Brian), friends, and Sadie too
  • Roof over my head and food in the fridge and cupboards
  • Health
  • Football and hockey, particularly winning seasons for the Steelers, PSU, and Pitt football teams (as well as my fantasy football team) and the Pens
  • Running and my improved times
  • Pittsburgh
  • Freedom of speech and religion and the right to vote
  • Tenacity
  • That Jordan likes school
  • The most wonderful time of the year
  • That I actually have my Christmas cards ready to go (just waiting to mail them so people don't receive them in November)
  • Funny things
  • Food (I kind of already said this, but I just love food, particularly on this most special food day of the year)
  • Hope
It is always good to have hope for the future, for a better life, and for a better world.

Gobble, gobble.


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