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People, seriously

Well, I waited a day to pen my latest rant, so without further delay, here it is: Some people kind of suck.

Let me start off by saying that I am not perfect; I have many faults, most of which are readily apparent to those who know me. But I really make an effort to treat those around me--family, friends, and strangers--just as I want to be treated. With kindness and compassion. I try to give a little. And I truly believe if people treated one another better, if they focused more on others and less on themselves, we could solve a lot of the world's ills.

But lately it seems as if every time I open up the paper, read a magazine, or go online, I am bombarded by the transgressions of some celebrity (music, TV, movie, sports or otherwise) or politician. I sometimes wonder if it is not so much that people have gone downhill, but more that thanks to technology, we just get to find out about every bad deed five minutes after it happened. Or have we as a society become so self-centered, egotistical, materialistic, and so in need of instant gratification that we don't know what "right" looks like anymore? I don't know.

Regardless, when it comes to "big names," I wish these people could get that they are, in essence, employed by the public, whether that means the adoring fans who buy tickets to their movies, concerts, and sporting events as well as merchandise; or the constituents who they are supposed to be serving. Without these people (i.e., us), they would not have jobs. So with that, comes a certain amount of responsibility.

It means you don't keep going to clubs or various events, trying to "score" and thinking there won't be negative repercussions.

It means you don't "tweet" about laughing all the way to the bank, smoking dope, requesting sexy ladies, or suggesting a fellow tweeter who made a negative comment about you kill himself.

It means you don't own whatever restaurant, club, hotel, golf course, etc., you are visiting (unless you really do), so you don't act like you do. (Of course, if you really owned it, you would probably be acting a whole lot better towards the people in those places.)

It means you don't become belligerent when you drink too much and then try to fight people or inanimate objects (e.g, a paper towel dispenser).

It means you NEVER raise your hand to a woman. You never try to physically hurt her.

It means you use public restrooms for relieving yourself or performing basic acts of hygiene only.

It means you politely (or, at the very least, not rudely) decline request for autographs or pictures, if you don't feel like showing your adoring fans appreciation.

It means you don't take others' money and spend it to serve your personal interests.

It means if you cheat on your spouse, you accept the scorn and disgust that comes with it (though you really should be faithful to begin with). And if you are having multiple affairs, well, you are a cad who probably should not have gotten married to begin with.

Actually, these are things everyone should consider, whether you are making $7.25 an hour or 20 million a year. Whether you are drop-dead gorgeous or simply unattractive. Whether people seemingly "worship" you or no one knows your name.

I'm tired of reading about all the bad boys and girls out there. I am tired of spending my money on these people. I am tired people pretending to serve me and my community, state, and country. No, I am not perfect, but when is enough, enough?

Seriously, people.


Anonymous said…
I second the above comment and your post in general. I personally think people are no worse today than they were 30 or 40 years ago. Do you really think these people weren't out cheating on their wives or throwing tantrums?! We just know about it now. Technology can be very enabling.
Barb said…
Well Said!
Facie said…
Thanks, everyone. Glad I am not the only one who is annoyed by all this bad behavior. And, anonymous, I am thinking you are probably right that people are as bad as they were before (except youth; they are definitely much worse)!
Sherri said…
Yeah - I've had it with these people. I'm really sickened by all of their excuses too - sex addiction - "made a mistake" ,etc. Give me a break!

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