Doing my part

As I have mentioned before, I am very anti-litter. I have called the Pennsylvania Recycling and Litterbug (1-888-LITTERBUG) hot-line dozens upon dozens of times to report people throwing trash out their car windows. I go around my neighborhood many times throughout the year to pick up litter. If I see trash in a park and there is a nearby garbage can, I dispose of it properly.

Last month, once the snow melted, I noticed the large amount of trash left behind an empty lot at the bottom of our street, a lot from which I have picked up trash numerous times. This time I decided I was tired of cleaning up after everyone else, so I called code enforcement. The person I spoke with said she would try to get in touch with the owner of the lot, but it may take a few weeks for anything to happen. Much to my surprise, in just over one week, I saw someone picking up litter from the lot. I am not sure if that person was a concerned citizen like I, or if her picking up the trash was a direct result of my phone call. Regardless, the lot looked pretty good, and it actually remained in relatively decent shape for a few weeks.

Since today is Earth Day, and I have not picked up neighborhood litter for months, I figured I should do my part. I walked down my street and picked up trash along it, the empty lot, and the next street over, including the edges of people's yards. I talked to some guy who commended me for what I was doing. I told him that I pay taxes and I am just tired of the trash. The idealist in my keeps thinking that by my trying to keep the area clean, people will be less likely to litter.

I covered probably two- to three-tenths of a mile and ended up with the above blue bag full of trash. The downside is I refuse to go through the bag and separate out the recyclables (too gross, even with gloves). But at least I am getting the litter off the street. All in all, I am happy that I ended up with this amount. In the past, I have covered less ground and picked up more trash. Maybe more people are picking up trash or fewer people are littering. Either way, I say, yeah!

Happy Earth Day! Let's all do our part to take care of this place.


Sherri said…
Awesome. Happy Earth Day :-).
Anonymous said…
You go girl!!

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