Another beautiful day in Pittsburgh

I used to be pretty meh about spring, but this March, much like last March, was a pretty good month weather-wise. Of course, in comparison to the longest February of my and many others' lives, March really had nowhere to go but up. And considering the next few days are going to be in or near the 80s, I am hopeful April will turn out to be just as good or even better.
And with the good weather comes hours spent outdoors. For us, that means going to a park whenever we can. Since Jordan has been off since Tuesday, we have visited two of my favorite parks in and around the Burgh.

Boyce Park last year renovated O'Block Playground. There is now a large play area with slides, ladders and climbing areas, plus a half dozen swings. I like that everything is in one place, so I don't have to worry about my kid wandering off. And when she tires of that or just wants to explore, there are wooded trails we can explore. A noteworthy feature of this playground is it was designed for kids with special needs, so if you or your children use a wheelchair, you can access the ramps and platforms. My only (tiny) complaint) is the lack of seating. If I ever come into money, I am buying some benches for this place.

Another favorite park we like to visit is Frick Park, particularly "Blue Slide Park." Some days Jordan will slide down the slide for an hour or more, while I get to enjoy sitting and doing nothing. There are several different areas in that park, which means my kid never gets bored. But on a day like yesterday, when there were dozens upon dozens of kids running around, it is easy to lose track of your active child. This park too has many walking paths.

The best "Burgh" moment yesterday was when Jordan started playing with a leashed pug named Gunnar. At one point, the owner and his kid were heading for the ice cream truck and he asked Jordan if she wanted to watch the dog. She said yes, and happily played with Gunnar and walked him around. A few people came up to ask to ask if they could pet our dog. I just laughed and said he was not ours, but they could. Only in the Burgh would someone you just met leave their dog with your for 10 minutes. Ah, Pittsburgh.


Mel said…
glad you guys are out enjoying the great weather. and yes, this city is like no other in so many ways! Happy Easter.

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