It makes me angry

I am spitting mad about the whole Ben Roethlisberger thing. Well, maybe not spitting, but definitely yelling mad. In fact, pretty much every time something about him (and particularly his voice) has come on the radio the last few weeks, I scream, often something like, "@sshole!" Of course, he is not the only jag-off on that team.

I have never had a problem with the pay athletes receive. They entertain me, sometimes actually bring me joy, and I don't believe that we all should be making the same amount of money. I am all for capitalism. But as I continue to read about the crap these people (see previous post, from last week) are doing, I am starting to change my stance.

I don't buy the whole athletes-are-heroes idea. Teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers, volunteers, parents especially. Those people should be heroes. But the reality is that kids tend to look up to sports stars. So when Big Ben, looking all WWE, said he wanted to be a role model for kids, I just about threw up in my mouth.

I was not there that night or any night that Ben has been with a woman. I am not sure if he forced himself on this girl (at 20 she is still a girl, in my opinion). But surely he could see how impaired she was, at a reported BAC of .27. Do you need it (whatever it is) so bad, that you have to prey on a drunk girl? From many accounts, BB is not the most gentlemanly person out there. Could these women just want money? Some most likely do. But when a 28-year old millionaire sees fit to frequent bars and clubs, buy drinks for girls, allows some of them into VIP sections, at least once dressed in a devil shirt, that person is not exactly looking like a model citizen.

It is more than just needing to grow up. It is about being a decent human being. Shouldn't that be what we all want? Yes, I get it; there are bad people in this world. And there are people who just don't care to do the right thing. But I (and many others) expect people to at least not intentionally do bad and/or stupid things over and over. I expect this from family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, clergy, service people. Pretty much everyone.

I have said before that I probably need to lower my expectations about people. I have since changed my mind. I am huge Steelers fan (season ticket holder for about 25 years now). But I would be okay if the Steelers had a losing season if that meant BB is cut. I realize it probably won't happen. But I sure as heck hope he is suspended for a few games. He is guilty of being one of the biggest jag-offs, of continually putting himself in bad situations, of thinking he can do whatever he wants to, just because he is a rich, star quarterback. The Steelers moved in the right direction by dumping Holmes. They probably should have given Skippy the boot as well, but, sadly, he is the best of the worst.

Here's hoping for some change we can count on.


Sherri said…
Agree - agree - agree. He DISGUSTS me (and my family has also had season tickets for as long as I can remember we spent years as the lone Steelers fans in Browns country, but... yeah - he casts a pall over that team now - VERY bad , borderline deviant behavior - countrol yourself, Ben).

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