Where there is a will to do a will there is probably a will

Did you follow that?

If you did, and if you have a will, then you are my hero. Even though I am married, and more importantly, I have a kid, I cannot bring myself to do a will.

Why? Well, one reason is one that is shared by many: I am too freaked out that once I do it, then something will happen. Is this irrational? Of course it is. I can hear Dave Ramsey saying it is silly (maybe he said stupid) not to do a will out of fear of dying because you are going to die eventually anyway. Does not matter; still a thought in my head.

Another reason I am will-less is because I am frugal. I am happy to say that I have somewhat counteracted this reason (not the frugality) by purchasing a will kit online via Dave Ramsey for something like $25 at the end of last year. I assume it will be official, although I am guessing it may have to be notarized.

The last thing keeping me from doing my will is sheer laziness mixed with indecisiveness. This will kit came with about a half dozen documents that I just have no desire to read and fill out. There are a lot of columns and lines on some of the pages. All the schedules in the personal financial statement are dizzying to me. And I have no idea where I want to have my funeral (I would prefer cremation, FYI). I have several relatives in the funeral business, and I don't want to hurt someone's feelings by choosing one uncle over the other. And although I have lived in my house for almost nine years now, I am not sure I would necessarily pick a funeral home around here.

I guess there is one more reason: Brian and I have different ideas about where our money should go. The chances that all of us will go together are pretty slim, but if that happens, I want to leave my money to various charities, including my church/Jordan's school, whereas Brian thinks family should get it. Our moms have life insurance policies and retirement packages, so what do they need our money for, if we happen to go first? And I don't think we have enough to justify splitting it among my six nieces and nephews, and I certainly would not expect them to leave us any money (unless maybe one of them ends up being a millionaire).

At least I finally opened the documents today, files that I received exactly one month ago. Maybe I will get a little farther than that, but I doubt it.

If you have any words of wisdom or if you could give me a pep talk, I would appreciate it.


Mel said…
here's your pep talk:

Facie said…
Well, it was not peppy, but a good kick in the butt. Thanks!
ashley said…
why not go 50/50 on where you leave any money? half to parents, half to charities? also, just do it and get something in place. might not be perfect, but it will be a step in the right direction. good luck!

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