At the risk of jinxing myself

Snow is coming, ladies and gentlemen! Go out and buy your bread and milk. Cancel all plans. Get ready to hunker down.

I almost hate to joke about an impending snowstorm. Last February, my mom was all freaked out about the predicted six to eight inches of snow (today and tomorrow's "snowstorm" is calling for three to six inches). She was convinced, like so many others, that she would be snowed in for days, that her power would go out, basically that the sky was falling. Like the good daughter I am, I made fun of her, reminding her that it was February in western Pennsylvania, and snow is not that uncommon for that time and place. I also laughed at her fear of losing power. Really, what damage could six lousy inches do?

Well, we all know how that turned out. And, as I blogged about, the joke was on me; not only did we get about 22" of snow, we (Brian, Jordan, and I), were without power and cleared roads for days.

So for that reason, I am hesitant to make light of this. I am, however, never above calling out the weather people. I blame most of them for the hysteria that is out there, though I do appreciate Jeff Verszyla's graphic on KDKA (which I lifted from a That's Church December post; if Jeff had been on the CW last night, I assume we would have been treated to "Buy Bread & Milk" status):

Hopefully, we won't get more than a few inches, there will be little to no accidents, and everything will just look pretty. But in the meantime, you might want to go out and buy your supplies, just in case. The pic at the beginning of the post shows some pretty empty bread shelves at Giant Eagle this morning. To be fair, the bought bread was on sale.

Be careful out there! And hopefully Duquesne Light won't let us down this time.


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