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I would have much preferred throwing the dishes AT someone.

Have you ever been mad enough at someone to throw a dish at said person? And by someone, I am pretty sure I mean a spouse/significant other/partner.

I have contemplated doing just that to Brian on more than one occasion. And by more than one occasion, I am pretty sure I mean about 30 times in our almost 12 years of marriage. And I might really mean 30 x 30. :-)

But I have never done so, for practical reasons (i.e., I am cheap). We have 10 dinner plates, mostly acquired via wedding gifts. We have only six matching smaller (salad?) plates. And although we rarely have more than a few people over for dinner (and it is not too often when we have people over to begin with), I just can't imagine wanting to forfeit these discontinued dishes.

But, alas, today, I said good bye to one of our dinner plates. I washed my hands just before I unloaded the dishwasher. Not wanting to take the five seconds to completely dry my hands, I proceeded to start putting dishes away. Unfortunately, one of the dinner plates slipped out of my not-quite-dry hands and landed on the counter, on top of the juices glasses and smaller plate from breakfast. Smash went the plate along with the two juice glasses. For some reason the smaller plate was spared.

I am the type of person who will take several minutes loading many things in my arms, rather than making two trips, even though the latter would be quicker. I have almost fallen down and even up the stairs multiple times while trying to carry the laundry basket, piled high with clothes, shoes, the phone, my coffee mug, and a few other items. I have ended up in pain as I struggled to carry many heavy grocery bags at once. No idea why I do this, but surely I cannot be alone.

It took me well over a half hour to clean the counter, sink, and floor afterward, and I am fairly certain I have a tiny piece of glass in one of my fingers. Looking on the bright side, I also cleaned the inside of the dishwasher since that was open when the dishes broke. I had no idea so much crud could be in a dishwasher. Yuck.

I would like to think this will make me stop rushing around, but I am pretty sure it won't. If nothing else, it reminded me of why I don't throw dishes in anger, although I have to think doing so would have been a little satisfying. It sure looks that way on TV! :-)


Mel said…
glad you had minimal damage to yourself. ugh--shards.

this is why we have the old, hand-me-down Corelle dishes. harder to break. our others were disappearing slowly. and I've even given up on drinking glasses; we use plastic. all of us. yes, even the grown-ups. the only drinking glasses in my home are wine goblets, and guess when they're used? when we have company. I drink my wine from...the plastic cups. safer. I have butterfingers.

(I never threw a plate at anyone, but I did slap a college boyfriend in the face once, hard enough to make my hand smart. thankfully he didn't slap me back--but he did throw a pan of water in my face. I'm sure it was quite funny--wish I had it on camera. well, not really.
Mel said…
should have said the "only GLASS drinking glasses" because now it sounds like all we have to drink from are goblets. not true. lots and lots of plastic.

and coffee mugs. forgot those. but they're rather sturdy, at least ours are.
chris h. said…
We are the not so proud owners of sets of 3 medium tumblers, 3 juice glasses, 5 small tumblers, 1 small cognac snifter, 1 wine glass (2 different kinds) pains me to have these asymmetrical numbers! Fortunately, our dishes are pretty sturdy, but I've had to replace a couple cups and plates (discontinued pattern but available on and sometimes on eBay -- have you checked for your pattern?)
Facie said…
Glad I am not alone in dropping things. And, Mel, it is kind of funny b/c lately I have been drinking fruity margarita/martini drinks out of glassware, probably b/c I do it only two or three times a week. My water or milk with lunch and dinner, on the other hand, is always in a plastic cup.

Chris, I will have to check out that Years ago, we found some plates online, reasonably priced, but my searches last week turned up single plates that were almost as much as a four-piece set was back in the day.

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