Sure there IS more to life than football, but...

If I were not a Steelers fan, I would not be a wee bit nervous right now (well, at least not about football).

If I were not a Steelers fan, I would not be excited right now, either.

I have blogged about the Steelers and football so many times, but those two things are so ingrained in my life and personality that how could anyone expect any less.

I won't bother to say that football brings people together in some mostly positive ways (except I just did).

I also won't once again stress that is good to have something rather mindless or at least unimportant to think about, particularly in these trying times (and I was just stating that, not stressing it).

And there is no need to bring up my superstitions, as I like to think I am (mostly) over those. 

I will just say that I am looking forward to a good game tomorrow between the Steelers and the Baltimore Birdies (or Ratbirds, as some call them). I hope the Steelers prevail, but if they don't, I like to think I can get over it pretty quickly.

After all, there is more to life than football. But I am sure glad my life includes the love of that game and one of the best teams out there.

Go Steelers!


Mel said…
Woo hoo hoo HOOOOOOOO! What a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if only Tom "pretty-boy" Brady'll go down...
Facie said…
Yes, it WAS a great game. And Tom "Justin Bieber" delivered. :-)

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