Santa, what a tangled web you wove

I know in previous posts I was all like, yeah, Santa, you rock. I was embracing the jolly old guy because of the magic he added to Christmas. Well, my Santa love has faded a bit, I am afraid. And I am not exactly a fan of Prospirit watches either.

Santa brought Jordan a water resistant watch for Christmas. She wore said watch to the pool yesterday. As soon as she hit the water, the watch stopped working, even though it was supposed to be water resistant to 30m. I realize that resistant is not the same thing is waterproof, but I guess I just expected it to last literally more than five seconds into three feet of water. Fail.

Because Santa brought this watch, as you can imagine, complications arose. Jordan questioned why the elves would have made something defective. Jordan was worried we would not be able to get in touch with Santa. Jordan wondered how and when she would get another watch. So I told Jordan I would email Santa to see what he had to say. After all, as I said to Jordan, Santa did send her a video message a few weeks ago via email to me, so I obviously had his email.

So I emailed Santa, to his brand-new hotmail account. (In case you were wondering, there are a lot of Santa/North Pole/St. Nick email hotmail addresses.) And fortunately for me, after the bearded guy apologized, he gave me permission to buy Jordan a new watch, which I promptly did this morning at Target, where I do believe Santa shops (more fortunately Target accepts returns without original packaging). FYI, Santa does not make additional (post-December 25) trips or mail things.

Anyway, this Armitron watch is water resistant to 125m, rather than the 30m that the original watch was, as well as shock resistant. Regardless, Jordan will not be wearing this watch in the pool. I don't want to have to send Santa another email. The guy is busy even in his off season.

Hopefully Jordan will be happy to have a new watch and an email message from Santa (sent to me, of course). In the meantime, ho, ho, bah humbug.

And Easter Bunny, you have been warned: the one thing you put in Jordan's basket better not break.


Anonymous said…
That's enough to make you want to give Santa the boot. Hope it worked out.
Facie said…
It worked out just fine. I will have to remind myself of this incident when I am sad when Jordan "no longer hears the ringing of the bells" (Polar Express).

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