Like everyone else who experienced the great snowfall this past weekend, I thought I would share a few pics. Growing up, I don't remember it snowing a lot at one time. I don't know if the schools had fewer delays or cancellations then, if I just don't remember them, or if it really did not snow that much. I do recall two snowstorms of my (more or less) adult life. One came at the end of spring break my senior year at PSU. I wrote about it in another post (though not so much about the snow). I also recall the next year, 1994, we got a ton of snow in January or February. I had just graduated from PSU in December, had no job prospects, and had recently broken up with my boyfriend. I spent most days in January crying and watching soaps. But I do recall during that snowstorm shoveling something like 20 inches off our large driveway with our neighbor while my mom was at work. I also remember eating almost an entire can of cheese spread after. Ah, memories!

Fortunately this time around, the snow started falling Friday afternoon, giving me enough time to pick up my kid from school, surrounded by quite a snowfall. The problem is it never stopped until late Saturday morning. It was pretty, yet a little scary too. We were without power for over 30 hours, clearly the victims of bad karma for making fun of my mom because she was worried about losing her power. Not having power would not have been so bad had our roads been plowed, so we could have gone out and gotten more kerosene. But those two misfortunes together are, well, unfortunate. I just kept thinking about the elderly people on our street, freezing and/or needing medical attention.

In the end, our power returned with a few spare hours of kerosene left. We had fun playing outside, though poor Brian has been shoveling for days. And our road was finally plowed Sunday night, so we were able to get more kerosene today, just in case. And we even had a little adventure Saturday evening walking around the streets of our town, practically tunneling through almost two feet of snow in places, just to get out (and conserve some kerosene in the process).

I want to say, Bring it, to the expected additional snow. However, I think we had enough excitement for awhile.


Sherri said…
Glad your power is back on :-).

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