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A woman walks into a pole...

Unfortunately, that woman was me. Well, I guess is me. Still. And actually should be I, but that sounds akward. Regardless, me or I, I am definitely worse for the wear. Don't ask. But I will tell you, after I ramble a bit first.

Today Brian and I took Jordan to her first-ever Bucco's game, as part of her b'day present. I like baseball just fine, and used to go to a game or two every year since I moved here, but a few years ago, we stopped. We hated to spend the money on such a crappy team on top of what we would have to pay for babysitting since Jordan, in our opinion, was too young to go. But this summer, we decided to throw the option out to her. Even with Chuck E Cheese on the table, she picked the baseball game. And we were both glad. Chuck E Cheese, although kind of fun, is also annoying. Plus I tend to get a little gamble-happy at some of the games, telling myself if I just play one more time, I will surely end up with a bunch of tokens (for a crappy prize). But, of course, I digress.

Despite that fact that the almost-never-correct Pittsburgh weather people spent the last week calling for rain, it was a humid 80-some degrees day, full of blazing sunshine. Pair that with the slow pace of the game, and Jordan was pretty much ready to go home by the second inning. Fortunately, there was a home run, with a couple of token fireworks; the hot dog toss, which is somewhat entertaining; and, best of all, the pierogie race, which I was looking forward to more than almost anything. But after that, she was ready to go. And
so we did, since it was her day.

I'd like to think had it not been hot, she might have enjoyed it. But I am not entirely sure. Maybe next year we will go back (definitely not in August). But it is hard for me to justify spending the money on such a losing franchise, even if my personal finances are in a better situation next year.

About that pole: As we were walking back to the car, circling the park, I found myself watching some guy enter the park with his two kids, at the bottom of the seventh or top of the eight inning. I kept moving as I was doing this, and ended up walking right into a metal (aluminum?) pole. Just before I did this, I heard Brian say, "Watch out!" But I was only half listening, figuring he was talking to Jordan. I am pretty sure I am not concussed, but my head does still hurt, certainly not helped by my dehydration.

Burgh Baby wrote a post recently asking people to come up with seven talents. I had trouble coming up with mine. I clearly should have including being a klutz as one of them. Oh, well. At least the Bucs won!


Mel said…
Hey, we were there, too! And we stayed for the WHOLE thing. Got seated before it started, stayed for the duration. Did NOT run the bases afterward, though--talked the kid into giving up on that dream since the line of kids snaked all the way around the park and part-way up one of the big spiraling ramps... YIKES. We thankfully were in a seat donated by my sis and bro, who splurged on a row in the shade, somewhere between 3rd and home. "Good times, good times," to quote you!

Oh, and happy belated b'day to J!
Shannon W said…
Hope your head feels better soon.

It is so interesting how different families are different. We were pleased that today's game went QUICKLY so that running the bases afterwards was an option. And while we do enjoy games without the kids, we have pretty much dragged them to about 8 games a season since they were babies. The downside is that they don't think it is very special to go; it is just one of the things our family does together.

I do agree, though, it was hotter than I would have preferred.

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