Not to jinx myself, but I may actually like summer!

For years, pretty much for most of my adulthood, I have not looked forward to summer. Once you become a grownup, it kind of loses its allure, since you have to, in most cases, keep on working. And as I have stated many times, I am just not a fan of heat. There is only so much you can take, and you certainly cannot peel off layers of skin once it gets too hot.

But for some reason, even though this summer has been hotter than last (to the best of my knowledge), I am finding myself not hating this season as I usually do. This is not to say I have not complained; a few of those over-90-degree days coupled with high humidity were pretty unbearable. But, holy crap, I think my body may have gotten used to it.

Lest you think this has something to do with the harsh winter we had, I can assure you it did not. I complained very few times this winter. Most of my grumblings revolved around the big snowstorm when not only were we without power for about 30 hours, but we also had over 22 inches of snow on our roads (i.e., the plow skipped us for over two days). Who can blame me for that? We were freezing and we had almost no way to get warmth, lest we walk a couple of miles in almost two feet of snow with a pit bull, for the love of pete. But beyond that, I mostly embraced the snow. I appreciated its beauty. I enjoyed watching my kid play in it. Of course, it helped that I did not have to drive in it unless absolutely necessary...

But this summer I have tried to embrace the heat. If you had told me a few years ago, I would be sitting at a park in the hot sun for a couple of hours most days, I would have said you were crazy. Yet that is what I have done. And if someone had told me I would actually be swimming in a public pool several times, and enjoying it, I would have begged to differ. And I did that too. And I never would have imagined that I would actually be running outside when the temperature went above 70, yet I have managed probably a dozen runs in temps over that, and quite a few in the 80s.

I hate to jinx myself; our AC has been on it last legs for the past couple of years, and it that dies, well, you can forget I wrote this happy summer post. But as long as I can keep my house at around 74 degrees, and if I can keep drinking water while spending a few hot hours outside, I think summer and I will be just fine.

Can a Florida retirement be too far away?


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