And so it begins again

Today was the first day of second grade for Jordan. She was nervous last night, but she seemed pretty good this morning, much to my pleasure. She got up without a problem (we'll see how long that lasts; my guess is only one day), and we had plenty of time to spare. So much so that I am hopeful I won't have to get up around 6:40 tomorrow as I did today (her alarm went off a few minutes after that). I just don't know how people get up so stinkin' early!

I am hopeful this will be a good year. Already she was a bit dismayed when I told her that she will not get to have a morning snack in second grade (I thought it was kind of odd that they had that in first grade), but she seemed to get over that pretty fast.

I have no idea how academics will play out. This summer we spent most days working on a couple of pages from a workbook her first grade teacher recommended, which typically took about 10 minutes. In July we also starting reviewed basic math flash cards most days. She is definitely not at the top of her game in that area. At least she reads well (or so I think). Unfortunately, I am not sure I did enough with her academically, especially when I think about how hard I worked her last summer. On the other hand, when I was a kid, we did absolutely no school-related work in the summer. But on a third hand (or maybe a leg), kids are pushed to learn more and at an earlier age. So much pressure!

As important, I really hope my kid makes a couple of good friends this year. Jordan pretty much connected with only one girl last year, and as is apparently (and sadly) typical of girls that age, this friend would sometimes be mean to her. I have a slight concern that another girl in Jordan's class this year happens to be the same girl whose mother does not like me, thanks to, I assume, a subbing incident (see this fun-filled post for details). I am trying to be optimistic that this girl will not make any more ridiculous comments as she did last school year. And I will do my best to be nice to her mom as well. Hopefully my being an awesome VBS teacher for her daughter this summer will have had some positive, lasting effect. Yeah, probably not.

It is hard to believe summer is over (well, not technically, but for all intents and purposes). Thanks to my actually embracing the heat this year, it is with quite a bit of regret that I say good bye to all the fun in the sun.

Onward and upward.


dizzlebob said…
No uniform for the first day of school? She looks lovely!

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