It's like the old me, only better

I try to keep my running blog (that one over there to the right below some stuff) separate from this one. Why? Well, for a few reasons, thanks for asking.

As you have probably noticed, this blog is typically all over the place in subjects, and many of my posts are long-winded (hence the second half of the name). On the other hand, my running blog, get this, is all about running. And, believe it or not, most of those posts are short. Brief. To the point.** In fact, if you read both of my blogs, you might find yourself wondering, "How can these two blogs be written by the same person?"

Which brings me to my second reason. Sort of. This blog is called "Facie's ramblings" (the "r" in "ramblings" left intentionally lowercase, FYI), Facie being a childhood nickname. I don't refer to myself as Facie in my running blog; I instead go with, more or less, my "real" name (real is in quotes because of my various first, middle, last name combos; don't ask).

I am pretty sure I did not actually explain that last point very well, but I guess that just kind of proves the whole rambling point, so let's leave it at that (and as an aside, if I were technically savvy, I would have found a way to have two blogs without having to share one ID/profile; if someone can explain how I can do this, let's talk and then forget I ever wrote this post).

But back to my running blog. I ran in the Regent Run Around the Square today. I am really proud of myself. It felt good to get back in the game and prove I could finish a 5k at almost 39 years of age, with decent (but not substantial) training and without walking. If you want to read about my day/feelings, please check out my running blog.

And back to the point of my post title, something I did not talk much about in my running blog post. When I used to run in 5ks, I was super competitive. (Well, pre-kid, I was competitive in many aspects of my life.) In fact, a friend I used to run with would let me finish ahead of her if we were running the same pace in a race; she knew it was that important to me. But today, I did something for myself. It was not about beating anyone else. It was not about getting a trophy or hearing my name called. It was not about feeling disappointed when people would pass me. Instead it was about enjoying the experience. And it was about proving that I could do it, that I still had it in me, that I might have a slight passion for something, and that I can keep going and getting even better.

The end.

But hopefully really the beginning.

** Today's running blog post is loooong. But it was necessary. I swear the rest of the blog has short posts.


Anonymous said…
I think it is GREAT you ran that 5k. You are setting a good example for your daughter by keeping fit and showing her it is important to have goals... Nothing wrong with being a little competitive especially if it makes you try harder plus it sounds like maybe you have a healthier approach now. Good luck.

Sherri said…
You're in some great shape, girlie (nice race on Sat). I think your competitive nature and the example you're setting for your daughter are great - just fine in my book :-).
Facie said…
Thanks for the comments. Now if only my kid would stop telling me how big my butt is...

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