No offense, but...

I hate that phrase. If you start off by saying that you don't want to offend someone, chances are you are going to do just that. In fact, when I hear someone say that, I am usually offended right away. For that reason, I try not to use that pointless phrase, but sometimes it just falls out.

My bigger goal is just not offending people to begin with. But I fail at that too. Right here in this blog. Sometimes it is because I am pretty opinionated about something. I don't feel strongly about too many things, but when I do, I tend to beat a dead horse, which means blogging about something a number of times. And if you are tired of hearing about it and particularly if you don't agree with me, then chances are I may have offended you.

I am not extreme in my religious beliefs or political views, but yet I think that (ironically) offends many people, or at least those with strong opinions. I am Catholic, but not what most people would consider devout. And by most, I guess I mean Catholics; others, particularly those with no religious beliefs or those far from Catholicism, probably think of me as being "too Catholic." Which can turn those people off. But because I have issues with a number of things in the church (most are the obvious ones) and because I don't think there is one "true" religion, then I end up offending the others as well.

Politics is another great example. I am a registered Republican and have voted that way more often than not, which bothers the beejeebus out of some of my liberal friends (I am not even sure what beejeebus means, or if I used it correctly, but I bet I offended a couple of you). Regardless, I am not that far right; I certainly don't agree with all their stances, and I don't think Obama is evil, which makes some of my conservative friends look upon me with scorn. But because I can see both sides of many political issues, the gray, if you will, well, I pretty much offend everyone on one end or the other.

But wait, I am not done offending! I am sure while I was working mostly full time, I offended stay-at-home moms (mostly because I knew I could never successfully be one). And now that I am mostly not working, I am just as sure I am offending working moms. Of course, by calling them working moms, I have just offended stay-at-home moms again. Sigh.

Then there is this way I try to keep the peace and not tell friends and relatives what I really think, even if they are offending me, for fear of offending them. But, alas, I sometimes reach a point where I say something, usually in the nicest way possible. And, yes, you guessed it, I end up offending those people as well. (But, of course, if there is a potentially touchy subject, particularly one that involves someone's well-being, if I say nothing, then I do not care. Which can be offensive.)

I have been up since 1:30 and it is now after 5:30 a.m.), so I think I am going to end this rambling now. No offense.


chris h. said…
No offense, but you just reminded me of something that never fails to make me laugh. My niece's husband (Swedish) once asked her: "Can you scare the little Jesus out of someone?" (The word is "bejesus" but he heard something slightly different.)
Lynnette said…
Love this post, Facie! You had me laughing!
S said…
Don't worry about offending people just b/c you are not on the same page. Most of those people are unwilling to see any other view as having validity and if they treat you poorly or shun you b/c of that, then THAT is offensive!!!
Sherri said…
Hello fellow insomniac, apparently. I do the same thing constantly - say something I think is fine, and..... offend everyone. Come to think of it .... mostly it's my "in-laws" - as in sisters and mother... they are touchy, touchy. No offense to them, of course ;-).

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