My baby is 7!

Knowing myself and my memory as well as I do, I checked my post from last year, and sure enough my title was "My baby is 6." But Jordan will always be my baby (and probably my only baby at that).

She has spent most of this week telling anyone and everyone that her birthday is Friday; like a chip off the ol' block! Mostly I am just glad that I will no longer have to explain to other mothers at the park that my kid is almost seven (when they shockingly say, "She is really only six? She is so tall for her age.")

But she is who she is. And that is sweet, thoughtful, sensitive, somewhat artistic, bit of a builder, a little silly, kind of a klutz, short-tempered, easily frustrated, and (sadly) too disrespectful towards me.

Happy birthday, baby!


Sherri said…
Happy Birthday to Jordan!

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