Weird, wild stuff

Last night about a half dozen thoughts were swimming around my head, most of which I considered for a blog post. At some point, or maybe just during my dreams, I thought of an actress whose name I could not figure out. I knew she played Jerry's fiancee on an episode or two of Seinfeld and was also in a movie about divorced dads. I figured based on that little info, I would never be able to figure out who she was.

Well, lo and behold, as I was logging into yahoo this morning, the number one topic in the Trending Now section was Janeane Garofalo. As soon as I saw her name, I thought, that is who I had been thinking about.

Can winning something be too far behind? I better go play the Powerball.


Holly said…
Janeane Garofalo! That's Hawk's dream girlfriend (well, apart from her political and religious views). Either her or Nigella Lawson, the British woman with the cooking show a while back.
Sherri said…
I love Janeane Garofalo ..... for a while, she was doing a "thing" on the Henry Rollins Show (yes - he has / had a talk show - for all the ex-punks like me ;-). And - yes - play Powerball - these serendipitous events often come in bunches.
Facie said…
Yeah, she was one of my faves for years, which made it surprising that I could not come up with her name. But still blown away that she was the top trender. I should probably see if she is going to be in something.

Unfortunately, I did not buy a PB ticket, but I have entered about a half dozen contests in the past couple of weeks. I will be seriously surprised if I don't win something.

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