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Some would argue that it is not up to others to decide who should have kids. Some of those same people would probably also say that it is not up to anyone to tell others that they must prevent a pregnancy, particularly using artificial means. But every time I read a story like the one I read today in the PG, I always jump to the other side of the fence.

A couple with three kids, ages two months, 15 months, and just over two years old, was charged with homicide in the death of their youngest. You can read about it here. This same couple has also been charged with endangering the welfare of children for failing to feed their 15-month-old son. One could presume their two-year old is fine since that kid was not mentioned, but I can't be that presumptuous.

An excuse the mother used is that she never received prenatal care. Apparently for that reason, she thought feeding the kid two ounces of formula a day was enough (It has been awhile since I had a baby, but aren't there some sort of serving guidelines on the bottles/cans?!). Regardless, if you can't afford prenatal care, something that most women receive for six to eight months, you somehow think you can instead afford to raise a child for at least 18 years?! Yeah, that makes sense. And why not just keep having kids one right after the other, as they did? It would not surprise me if this woman was already pregnant again. If not, I have no doubt that she soon will be. Clearly this couple should have stopped at one kid (even better, none).

This is where I say the couple should be sterilized. In my opinion, birth control is not an option because they have shown me they do not deserve the right to ever procreate again. And I am sure they would argue they did not have money for birth control anyway. Because, again, paying for birth control is obviously so much more expensive than raising a child. If only.

When a kid dies at the hands of his parents, people who clearly were not equipped to handle their kids, something needs to be done. This couple should have been better educated in the first place, for sure. And I admittedly am not sure how you would go about doing that. But enough is enough, even if this goes against some sort of personal or religious freedom.


Lynnette said…
Two ounces of formula a day??? From what I remember, you're supposed to feed an infant two ounces of formula at every feeding, which is, like, every two to four hours, isn't it? This is just a disgrace and saddens me deeply. Mandatory sterilization sounds like a requirement in this situation, at a minimum. I don't think it would be proper etiquette to say what I really think should happen to them.
Facie said…
I should probably clarify. I can't imagine at least one of them not getting locked up for a long time, maybe life. But just in case one gets off (b/c he/she implicates the other) or if one or both get out before they are 80 or 90 (b/c one is sent to a mental hospital then are "well" in a few years), then there is no way, IMO, they should be allowed to have any more kids.

Glad I am not alone, Lynnette!

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