School daze

A few hours ago, my baby finished first grade.There she is, clearly happy to be walking into the parking lot for the final time as a first grader.

As the saying goes, it seemed like just yesterday was the first day of school, Jordan's first in a new school. She started off so excited, as you can see above, but almost as soon as she arrived at school, she was pretty nervous. The picture I took of her just before I left her classroom says it all:

Just over nine months later, she has come a long way. And so have I.

Jordan learned a lot and had fun doing it, for the most part. She started out barely being able to read, which was a big concern of mine, and ended up reading books on a second and even third grade level at times. She seemed to embrace the structure. She liked her teacher. She had fun at lunch and recess. She made a few friends. Her computer class, something she dreaded the first month, became one of her favorite classes. She eventually worked up the courage to participate in the monthly talent day in music class, playing her melody harp. She excelled in religion class, and, more importantly, exemplified the values she was taught.

Jordan ended up with all A's and one B, in handwriting. If you know my handwriting, you have to know how proud that B makes me.

Not sure what the summer will bring, although I did already buy the Summer Bridge Activities book her teacher recommended, so I am fairly certain learning will be a part of these next few months, much as it was last summer.

I am sad and happy at once, because the end of her school year marks the end of my school year as well. No more teaching. It is also sad to think that we will never see some of these kids again as some will not be back next year for various reasons. I hate saying saying good bye.

Time marches on. So do people. I guess you just have to go with it.

But in the meantime, I will embrace this special day and look forward to what lies ahead, whatever that may be.


joely said…
What a beautiful daughter, you must be so proud. I love the little accomplishments along the way.

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