More random ramblings

Here is what is on my noodle today, in no particular order:

  1. Yes, the snow is pretty and all. And I won't even say that it would be fine with me if it does not snow again until December (except I just did). But I will say, I am done with excessive snow and the ensuing snow days that seem to keep on coming. And I am even more irritated that some schools want to get out of teaching 180 days. The kids need it, and I pay a lot for my kid's education besides.
  2. I read a somewhat disturbing but not too surprising article about how being laid off affects your health. I am really trying to be positive about my situation, and most of the time I am, but I can't help feeling a little down and of course worried sometimes. Not as worried as Brian, however, and we all know what worry can lead to.
  3. Speaking of health, which leads me to health insurance, is it any wonder that people ignore their health problems when they have little or crappy insurance? I was having some weird pains in my arms and legs a few weeks ago. After about five days of wondering if I had a blood clot or was having a stroke, I broke down and went to the doctor. Fortunately, I seem to be fine. But my wallet, of course, is a little less for the wear. The doctor visit and lab work cost about $365, and I am responsible for about $185. Not a huge bill, but just enough to make me wish I had stayed at home. And that is kind of sad.
  4. And speaking of money, I am still bothered by people that are stupid with it. Last weekend there was a couple around my age, with two kids, on the Suze Orman show. They had less than $2,000 in savings and 10k or 15k in credit card debt, and they wanted to buy a house to take advantage of the tax credit. Morons. Need I say more?
  5. I wish people in general would care more about their fellow man (please excuse the sexist language). Someone wrote a letter to the editor about how the guy who died because the ambulance could not reach him might have lived if he had neighbors or friends who could have helped carry him in the snow to the vehicle. He makes a good point; we should think less about what government, services, etc., can do for us, and more about how we can help each other. JFK might have had it right.
  6. I will be glad when February is over. I am not a fan of Valentine's Day, I don't think people need a day off school or work because of President's Day, and I am just hopeful March won't be as snowy as February. Please tell me it won't be, okay?!


ashley said…
i just decided last night that february is now my least favorite month. that wasn't the case when i lived further south...february was a good month, because it's my birthday month. but in the 9 or 10 years i've lived north, with longer and colder winters, i find that in february i always feel like i've run out of gas. march is less bad, because you can at least feel like spring is right around the corner. so i'm with you...glad that february is almost over.
Facie said…
Aw, how crappy to have your birth month be your least fave! I don't remember Feb ever being this abysmal. Of course for two out of the last five Febs, we had the SB after glow, so I barely noticed it was Feb! Just think of how much more tolerable this month would have been had the Steelers repeated!

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