We have to do a better job

As much as I wanted to write about something other than snow, I, once again, am penning some thoughts on those all-too-common white flakes around here.

For the seventh time this year, Jordan's school has been canceled. On top of that, I think there have been two or three delays. In my opinion, there was no reason for today's cancellation. What makes it worse is that last night around 9, we received the automated call that there was a delay. I thought it might be a bit premature to announce that; we had received a few inches, but that was almost a daily occurrence lately (when it was not snowing several feet). Although I was disappointed that Jordan would be missing her first two classes yet again this week, I looked on the bright side that we would get to sleep in.

This morning, just after 6:30, I was jolted awake by a ringing phone. The principal wanted to know if I could sub, and I readily (if not sleepily) agreed. Unfortunately, I became wide awake after that conversation, so no sleeping in.

At about 8:15 a.m., as I was stepping out of the shower, my phone rang. An automated message proclaimed that school was now closed. Huh? The message went on to say if your kid was already there (as a number were, I am sure, since the school allows you to drop your kids off at 8 on a delay), they could remain so until you came to get them.

So now parents who are on their way to work or already there, have to come home and find alternative care? And if schools are closed, one would likely assume the roads are bad, thus risking the parents' lives further.

All my ranting aside, there are more serious consequences of poor snow removal. Just read this article in the P-G. A man died because an ambulance could not get to his house because of unplowed roads.

We live in western PA, not the South. We need to do a better job of clearing our roads. People are missing school, work, and appointments. When someone cannot get the medical attention he needs, if that is not enough for people to take notice and for someone to enact change, I don't know what is.


Sherri said…
We are experiencing the same thing here... two hour delay? suddenly closed? are we or aren't following pitt public schools? Stressful.... my little ones get used to being home and don't want to go back!

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