It's only one game

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. But I believe it. Sure, the Pens played rather badly last night (well, they started off looking pretty good/evenly matched against the Red Wings), but it was just one game, and an away game at that. I think they will bounce back in game 2.

When Fleury tripped his way onto the ice, that was probably not a good sign. And Lord knows I am into signs. But when the Red Wings' first goal was overturned, I thought that was big, since the Pens have won almost every game they scored first in these playoffs. Now that they lost their first, first game, I am choosing to ignore that the Pens won their first three games in each of the first three series. This is the fourth series and the first time they are not beginning the series at home, so it makes sense, I am rationalizing, that this series starts off differently.

I know that most athletes are overpaid, and some sports fans place a little too much importance on games (guilty, sometimes!), but I also know that sports tend to unite people, at least the ones wearing the same colors. And with all the craziness that goes on the world today, I think sports are a nice escape. I can't talk about politics, taxes, and child care all the time!

If nothing else, seeing the packed Mellon Arena on TV when the Pens were not even there was amazing to me. Imagine over 13,000 people willing to drive into the city with gas costing close to a gazillion dollars and pay $5 to watch the Pens on the Jumbotron. Those people are fans. If I did not have Jordan and if I were not such a wuss who has trouble staying up past 10 (in other words, if I were still in my 20s), I would have been one of those people. I just hope a good crowd shows up tomorrow.

I do believe this is a team of destiny. Just late last winter, Bri and I went to a Pens game, and I felt sad, not knowing if the Pens were going to stay in Pittsburgh. The experience seemed surreal, like the end of a something. But it wasn't (okay, it was probably the last time I will get to see Mark Recchi in a Pens uniform. For the third time.)

In a way, it feels like 1991 all over again. Except different (I am not in college anymore, for one thing) but perhaps even better this time.

Go Pens! And God bless America.


Facie :-) said…
And now it is two games, for the love of Pete. I am starting to lose a little hope. If you cannot score a goal, you are never going to win the series, let alone a game.

After the game, Max Talbot said it did not matter if they lost 10 to 8or that they did not score any goals, that a loss is a loss (I am paraphrasing). But I disagree. If they had lost 10 to 8, then we would know that they could score goals, that they have a powerful offense. As it is now, the Pens are struggling on both sides of the ice. They are just being completely overpowered. Hats off to the Wings.

I am not ready to abandon ship; I do think they will really step up their game at home. I guess we will just have to wait to see.

Go Pens. Score Pens.

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