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Cursed insomnia visited last night. I do not do well on four hours of sleep (or anything much less than eight most nights really). I fell asleep before 11, having a caught a few minutes of Bob Pompeani's Nightly Sports Call (or whatever that is called), but could not bring myself to stay awake for the end of the NE-Jax game. I was pretty sure I knew how that was going to turn out. But when I woke up, wide awake around 11:45, I had to turn on ESPN to confirm what I was dreading. And, yes, Bill Belicheat and his Pats won. How can a quarterback be so nearly perfect? For one thing, not being with your child's mother and up every time your baby gets up probably helps. And why does Belicheat always look so grumpy? Is it because someone cut off a few inches from his sweatshirt sleeves? I would rather watch Jack Del Rio wear suits on the sidelines (or JoePa wear floods).

I guess I am a little bitter still about the Steelers not being in the playoffs. But that was a great game. Well worth over a Benjamin to see (but not worth $7.50 for a Coor's light, thank you, Dan, Dan, the tax man). The weather was good, even when it was raining slightly. Certainly better than the almost 90 degrees we suffered through in October when the Seahawks were in town. Anyway, the crowd was pumped, except the two old guys who sit a couple of rows behind us who always want everyone in from of them to sit. (Gentlemen, the season is on the line; it is okay to get up when the Steelers are on defense, especially third down.) Nothing gets the crowd pumped as much as when Renegade comes on. The Steelers almost always turn it around, and this was no exception; it just took them a little longer to get into it. The funniest part of the evening was when some girl (she was probably in her early 20s, but anyone in their 20s looks like a kid to me) was trying to jump over the railing onto the field because "Troy Polamalu is my uncle." Our seats our on the visitors' side, so she would have quite a walk across the field to see him. Even over one week removed the defeat, I still think Tomlin made the right call going for two on both accounts. More on that later. I have rambled enough.


Mel said…
we're all still feeling the bitterness, F. but I, too, have only commendations for Tomlin thus far. maybe someday I will get to a real game so I can experience the drunks rail-diving for myself. Troy's her uncle... yeah, RIGHT.

you'll sleep best if you go to bed in your bed, goon. ; )

happy blogging!

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