technology and football

Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of technology. I like email, but sometimes I miss the days when college friends and I would mail each other letters over the summer. I am glad I have my cell phone, but with many minutes and free long distance, it is no longer $ keeping me from calling my faraway friends, just time (and that laziness thing again). I like auto bill pay and paying bills online because my memory is awful and I like scheduling and paying a bill when it suits me. But even with my limited technology prowess (I hope this is the right word, but I am sure one of my wordy friends will correct me if not), I think having a blog will just give me one more reason to be on the computer every evening.

Like I just had to write another post today because of football. The Manning I thought would be playing next weekend will be staying home instead. And the Manning I thought would be vacationing next week will instead be heading to Green Bay. I did not catch too much of either game, because of hours of Barbies, tickle monster, moon sand, letter writing and drawing, and chase. Thankfully, I escaped for a few hours of coffee talk with my friend Elena. I did catch the last four minutes of the Cowboys-Giants game (I remember when I despised the Cowboys the most; the Pats have overtaken that slot). I doubt the Giants will beat Green Bay, but I also thought Dallas would beat the Giants. And I am pretty sure San Diego has little chance against NE, but stranger things have happened. Only six months to training camp, four months to mini camp, and three until the draft! FYI, the pic at left is of some of the Steelers (including Santonio and Troy) dancing during their pregame warm up.


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