Friends, family, and I'll be okay

I was recently reading a comment to a post of a former coworker's blog. The original post was about new year's resolutions, which, by the way, I have not done in years (not sure I have ever actually kept one for more than a couple of months at best). But this person's comment was about things not being as bad as they seem. True, but all too often, I forget that thought until after I had just spent hours (or days) worried about something. To paraphrase Ally McBeal (I miss that show, except for the last season) when asked why her problems always seemed so big, "Because they are MY problems." But it's true, really. When I was going through something in the fall, I kept thinking, "Why me?" Fortunately, one particular friend was there for me to vent to. Looking back now I wonder how I let myself get so worked up. You just get through things. You move on. And more things are thrown your way. And you get through those as best as you can. All that said, when my next crisis hits, you can be sure at least one of you will be hearing my woe-is-me tale of angst.

But how do people who have no family or friends stay sane? I am very grateful for my devoted husband, my daughter, and my family. They mean everything to me, even though they sometimes drive me crazy and make me mad (yes, I know it is a two-way street). When the chips are down, these people are there for me (well, they are pretty much there for me anyway). And my friends are important to me as well. I once read that if you have one true friend, you are truly blessed (or something like that), so having many, I sure must be. Some I see fairly often; others I have not seen in probably more than five years (thank goodness for email, blogs, and Christmas letters). Since I have had a kid and because I work, I understand how difficult it can be to stay in touch. But the job that in some ways has kept me from seeing friends as much as I want to has also allowed me to make many friends over the years. I don't know what I would do without these people, most of whom are male. I have joked that I have had a work husband for years, but I really have three. These are the guys I shoot the breeze and walk with at lunchtime, and I nag Dudee, Myslacki, and Oldchak almost as much as my real husband. :-) Hopefully this just makes them appreciate their wives/girlfriend that much more (note: two have one wife each, and the other has one girlfriend, in case you were wondering).

I hope writing this blog inspires me to be a better friend, just as I hope it allows others to keep in touch with me and vice-versa. Perhaps I will, over time, write (and talk) less, but I can almost hear my former coworker E$ saying, "that is part of your charm." As I say to my kid, "God made us all special. Some are short; some are tall; some are big; some are small." And some of us just like to ramble, be sarcastic, watch football, sing at random times (though not so much at work anymore after having sang in front of the office on the spot), eat a lot, overuse parentheses, analyze everything to death, complain about taxes, and obsess about money. And I can't forget meet friends/coworkers for lunch and/or happy hour. Even if it means paying the stupid drink tax. Because as much as I complain about that tax, it is worth it for the chance to get out of the office (or house) and eat, drink, and be merry with those I like to spend time with. (See you next month, Ash, Heather, and Z, when I will hopefully be off "house arrest.") But I still won't stop complaining about the tax anytime soon.

Good night (well, actually, good morning; it is now 5:11 a.m. despite what the posting time ends up indicating. And, Mel, if you read this, know I was lying in bed from 2:30 to 4, before giving up). FYI, this blog is showing up as Friday, when I started it, not early Sunday morning, when insomnia allowed me to finish it.


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