my first post

I will keep my first post short and sweet. Anyone who knows me knows that brevity is not my strong spot.

It is a fairly warm day (40s) for western PA in January. Hubby, daughter and I had a nice walk in the park, although that reminded me that I have not been to the gym for probably 10 months now. Not sure why I avoid that place, other than I am lazy. For the love of pete, it is five minutes from my house. But I am not lazy about exercise in general; I walk at lunch with my buds most days. I try to park as far away from most stores as possible. And, I am also not one who loves to part with my money easier, and yet I continue to pay $17/month for something I never use. Maybe the couple of years I went six days a week and my membership was something like $9 somehow balances it out?

Well, I am hungry (what else is new) and should probably check on my kid who has been watching Scooby-Doo for over an hour (bad parent).


Conservative Chris said…
Good idea, Faith, for you to start a blog. I have never known you to have nothing to say! Make sure you comment on the state of politics so you can get your liberal friends all worked up.
Facie :-) said…
Let me belatedly thank you for being the first to leave a comment. Of course, my post about politics generated the most comments.

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