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my views on politics

I thought I would write about Britney Spears. Just kidding! No, today's rambling will be about my views on political issues. I have taken a couple of those "find your candidate quizzes" and even when I answer questions differently at different times, John McCain, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Duncan Hunter tend to end up in my top four, in different orders, though Paul is often first. About the only republicans who never seem to show up as being aligned with my views are Romney and Rudy. I consider myself a moderate conservative, but some would disagree, I am sure.

I feel the most strongly about keeping and increasing tax cuts, keeping/getting the economy going, and limiting federal spending. I am a capitalist, and I don't think the rich should have fewer tax cuts, as some people do. But I also don't like caps on things once you make a certain amount, so long as we have the awful tax system we do now. Seriously, where does our money go? PA is pretty bad when it comes to taxes, and now we have yet another, the 10 percent drink tax, supposedly to pay for a transit system that is pretty broken. Of course, Dan, Dan, the tax man said even if the county collects over what they project (and they will), that is a nice problem to have. Really? Note to Rendell: When you first ran, you promised lower property taxes. I did not believe you and therefore did not vote for you. And rightly so. You are in your second term, and my house taxes (albeit local) have only gone up. My state taxes have gone up. Where does the state surplus go? Into our bloated legislature?

I have never supported the war in Iraq, but I mostly feel as if we leave now, then all the war (and the deaths) will be in vain. I did, more or less, support the war in Afganistan. How can you lie down and die (I hope I mean lie and not lay!)? There are obviously terrorists in the Middle East, but I think the US has its own problems it should be worried about first.

I think we need to toughen our immigration laws/borders, and I don't think illegals should get a free pass. If it is hard to become a citizen, well, too bad.

Health care is a tough one. I feel lucky that my employer pays for employee health care. That saves us several thousand a year. And although I think health care costs are outrageous, I am not sure if universal health care is the answer, but I really don't know much about it.

I don't support federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. See below.

I am absolutely pro-life, but I have never voted for a candidate because of that. As much as I am against abortion, I am not a fan of taking away a right.

I am also against the death penalty. In this case, I might favor banning that practice.

I also believe citizens have a right to carry arms and protect themselves. I might support some tougher restrictions; think of the Va Tech student who was diagnosed with some mental issues yet was able to get a gun. But I think the reality is that criminals always seem to find a way to get guns, and the law-abiding citizen will suffer.

As for energy and global warming issues, I am not sure it is the government's place to get involved. I don't buy into global warming being as big of a deal as some make it out to be, but there are a lot of us on the planet, and many of us drive a lot and consume and dispose of way too much, so there has to be some effect.

I don't think the constitution needs to define marriage. I have lesbian and gay friends, and if they want to get married to someone of the same sex, fine by me, which I am pretty sure separates me from most of my conservative friends. You cannot help whom you fall in love with.
Education is a big deal, but again, I don't know where I stand on this issue. I will be sending my kid to private school this fall for kindergarten. The school district where we live is decent, I think (some elementary schools are pretty good, actually, but apparently ours is not one of the better ones). For us it is more about not wanting our kid to be in such a big school district, and for Brian it is more about not wanting our kid to be in the minority when she is not in the minority in the county, state, etc. That does not bother me so much. Regardless, I do think this country has some education issues. When I taught at a business college last decade, I could not believe the reading skills of some of my students. I am sure it has gotten worse.

Well, that about covers my rambling. Hope to hear from some of you!


ashley said…
Have you ever read the FairTax book? I'm a big supporter, and think it really strikes at the roots of a lot of what ails us.

And what's with all this liberal/conservative divisiveness? Don't you think that's just a bullsh*t way for us to avoid really talking about the issues? I'm guessing that some reading this blog would readily label me "liberal," even though I come down as fairly conservative on many issues. It's a bunch of superficial nonsense, I say. As long as we keep focusing on where we disagree, and refusing to hear each other's arguments because of some stupid dichotomous labels, we'll never see real change in our government. I bet if we really took the time to hear each other out, we'd find out that we're motivated by similar ideals more often than not. And we might be able to actually reach some sort of meaningful resolution, rather than just continue all this worthless bickering.

There. I did it, I took the bait, now give me the hook.
Chris said…
Ashley, I wrote the previous post as a way of getting some people to really talk about the issues, not to promote divisiveness as I think you may believe. The media and politicians do their best to pit the "left" and the "right" against each other so they don't need me to do it. I agree with you, most people are very close in their beliefs, it is just the people on the extreme edges of both parties who get all the publicity because they make what the msm considers news.
I do find when I have political discussions with others, most of the time it is a constructive discussion. Too bad those in Washington and Harrisburg can't follow your lead. Maybe then there will really be change.
ashley said…
I'm glad to hear it, Chris. Once again, more in common than it might initially seem. :)
Facie :-) said…
Isn't it nice when the liberals and conservatives can all get along?! As Depeche Mode sang, "People are people, so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully."

Great to see you at lunch, Ash! And you too Chris last weekend. Thanks for the comments, my two new best friend!
The Proud Liberal Democrat said…
Vote for Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris said…
Considering where it appears the Republican nomination is headed, I might consider voting for Obama if (1) we knew where he stood on most things other than "change" and (2) if he had more experience. A couple of years as a Senator, one of 50, one who really did nothing that stood out in his time in the Senate other than give a speech at the convention, does not give me any indication or any faith that he can accomplish anything.
Proud Liberal Democrat said…
To find out more about Barack Obama, read The Audacity of Hope, and check out Obama's Web site. I think many Republicans and Independents will like what they read.
Chris said…
After taking a quick look at Obama's website, you see very little that will excite you. Universal health care (which has not worked anywhere it has been implemented), more funding for education (throwing more money at the education system hasn't worked), repeal tax cuts for the "wealthy" (tax cuts bring in more revenue to the government, been proven time and time again), lots of ideas that require spending our money without ideas on how to fund it without raising taxes. Nothing new here, no winning platform. We can't vote in a new President based on his/her personality. I am afraid that is what a lot of voters have looked at so far instead of focusing on the issues.

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