That thing you don't want to live without

Do you have something or several things (not people) that you cannot imagine your life without? Or maybe there is just a thing or three that has made your life better?

I have a few such things in my world, one which most people would find odd. I have this most wonderful, soft eye mask that I wear to bed every night (if I remember, I will take a picture and post tomorrow). I have thin eyelids, and light finds its way into my eyes when I am sleeping, thanks also in part to mediocre, not-dark blinds. But it goes beyond the sun, which is not even out yet when I am up most days, and includes my ridiculously bright clock. I could not, not have a clock, but at least I can block it out (and easily lift up the mask when necessary). I am not kidding you when I say that most nights, I think to myself how much I love my eye mask. Yep, it does not take much to impress me.

I know some of you would say you could not live without (or at least would not like your life without) your iPhone and iPads. I am pretty certain I would feel the same way if I owned either of those things. But I can relate to a cell phone, even mine which is of the stupid variety. I have not worn a watch since the mid '90s, and I have used my cell phone as a watch for pretty much the entire century so far. I also love that my phone (my last three, I think) takes pictures. Even though the quality is next to nothing, I have been able to capture things that I would not have otherwise because who takes a camera everywhere. And I like that if I am late, lost, or otherwise need something, I can get almost everything I need either by texting or calling someone.

Another thing I am glad I have, though I also wish they were better, are my swimming goggles. As someone whose vision is off the charts (I think I am somewhere around 20/650 in my one eye), I love that I can swim my laps and actually see underwater more than a foot ahead. It may sound trivial, but the first time I swam the freestyle and was able to see to the bottom of the pool as well as across it without the sting of chlorine was amazing for me.

I am sure there are other things that I love and am glad I have (coffee and DVR, I am talking to you!), but the three above are the ones that I appreciate on a regular basis and would hate to live without.

How about you?


Anonymous said…
Ooh, I like this! Can I say nutella and wine?!! Who wants to live without those essentials?!! If not edibles, I would have to say electronics-yes, the beloved iPhone. :)
bluzdude said…
MP3 Player
Desktop PC/iPad

And to break up the electronics, a heating pad for my back.

(Yes, I know that's electronic too, but it's not the same.)
Jessica R. said…
Air conditioning. I have no idea how Southerners made it for so long without it. Books. My iPhone - namely for GPS and child entertainment when all else fails!
Cassie said…
Sleep. Wait. What?

I can't do without my iPhone and computer. I need the outside world. Especially on days like today when Mae is attached to me.
Facie said…
Well, nothing really surprising up there. I do like your ideas, Anonymous. It would be hard to live without chocolate in general. I did it on Lent, in 2002 or 2001. I am not sure I could go an entire week, let alone almost two months now.

I have been on my old, crappy laptop (plugged into a wall, no less) because I was sick last night and I can't bring myself to get out of bed more than necessary. So I can appreciate anything computer-related.

Jessica: I often wonder how people here go without AC. I know we tend not to need it for more than a couple days here and there in any given summer, but ours pretty much runs for three solid months. I need to check out your book list. I have nearly finished my latest read.

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