Only four days until...

The Pens are back on the ice! Yes, as many people said, it was billionaires fighting with millionaires, which is pretty sad. And I am still mad that the "everyday people" were out of work or lost business thanks to the stupid lockout. But with the Steelers not in the playoffs this year (and, even worse, the Patriots playing the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game; seriously, who do I root for?), I, and so many others, need hockey to start.

I am so looking forward to the puck dropping on Saturday. And Sid staying healthy and being at the top of his. And Geno having a great year. And the power play improving. And Fleury doing some acrobatics while making some monster saves. And Kris Letang's hair. And seeing a Pittsburgh team in the playoffs (and hopefully hoisting a Cup). If only Jordan Stahl were still a 'Guin...

The boys are back in town, and I feel fine.


bluzdude said…
Can't wait until Saturday! (and for more than just the usual reasons.)

Also, Pens tickets went on sale today and I nabbed a pair for a game in late April. I haven't been to the new arena yet, so I'm just quivering with anticipation!

Lets Go Pens!
Facie said…
Jealous! I keep trying to win tickets. As much as I want to go, I would almost rather spend my money on an iPad than tickets for the three of us.

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