So there you have it

I really could not think of a good title to this post, and the one above says just about nothing. But I am sure, as usual, once I finish writing this post (which I already wrote in my head early this morning while trying to fall back asleep but most of which I forget), I will have come to no conclusions.

Sports are on my mind right now, and I wanted to briefly (for me) touch on what are probably the most-talked-about topics as of late.

First you have that jagoff, Lance Armstrong. I was one of the duped ones who wanted to believe this cyclist not only beat cancer but went on to do amazing things in a grueling event many times over. I love feel-good stories. And, as has been noted around these here parts, I like and want to believe the best about people. Further, when Armstrong denied the doping allegations and then went on to sue people who said he did dope, well, how could he have been lying? I don't know why Armstrong chose to, mostly, come clean at this point (or maybe I read the reason but forget). But I really don't care. Because he ruined the reputations and careers of many in the process of pretending to be something he wasn't. Sure, he gave of himself to Livestrong, and helped many people in the process. But to me, he is just a liar and a cheater (who apparently wants to compete in a triathlon). What else can I say?

Next you have Manti Te'o. I, like so many others, find it almost impossible to believe that in the second decade of the 21st century, a college football player would have a three-year relationship with a woman he never met and never even saw via Skype or Facetime (or whatever people use today to video-chat). But even if that is true, which it may very well be (because we are talking about a football player, not a college professor), this guy figured it out eventually and went on to perpetuate the myth, to save face, presumably. Not to worry, though, I am sure the truth will come out during the Katie Couric interview this week. Unfortunately, this is not the most sordid football-related tale to come out of Notre Dame, just the one that is being talked about. You can go to this link (which contains additional links with more info) if you want to read about an alleged sexual assault by an ND football player in 2010. I might be a positive person, but I am also cynical, and I tend to believe the assault (not rape) did happen, and even worse, football players sent this young lady threatening text messages basically telling her to shut up about it. The woman later committed suicide.

I can take only so much salacious, depressing stories. Which is why, I suppose, I should be glad that we have the Super Bowl to look forward to. I hate to root for the 49ers, because if they win, they will be tied with the Steelers for the most Super Bowl victories. I would hate that. But I can take solace in that the Steelers got there first (and eventually some team has to get there second, third, fourth, etc.). That has to be better than the Ratbirds winning. I don't think I could take seeing Ray Lewis thank God anymore than I have already witnessed. Every time he thanks God, in my head I add the words "for getting me out of murder charges" because that is what he should be saying.

And now allow me to thank God (and/or whoever was responsible) for bringing hockey back (I say that not as a slight on religion or God, but more that I think He has better things to do than worry about a bunch of rich guys beating each other up while occasionally trying to either get a puck in the net or stop said puck from making it in). The Pens started their season by beating the Flyers and followed that up by beating the Rangers soundly. What a great weekend for us Pens fans. And that is a good way to end this post.


bluzdude said…
My thoughts:

1) Screw Lance Armstrong.
2) Leave Manti alone. This really shouldn't be "news." I think the kid got duped and now he has to spend the next few weeks being publicly humiliated. How about covering some real news? (I'll probably post on this on Tuesday.)
3) Go Niners! Death to the Ratbird scum!
4) Yay Penguins! Death to the Flyer scum!

Enjoy your MLK Day!
LaLa said…
I agree with bluzdude about the first two. I am not exactly a sports lover but those stories have been heavily publicized. I did not know about that assault story about that girl. Tragic.
Facie said…
Bluz: I agree Manti should not be news, but it is out there, so I shared my $.02. And I think the assault story was real news, but that seemed not to get covered widely.

LaLa: A lot of people don't know about the assault story. I get that some women make this stuff up (which is why many people defended Big Ben, QB for the Steelers, including me for at least the first incident). But when a girl commits suicide instead of sues, well, I tend to believe her. Tragic indeed.

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