Morons, I tell you, morons

In this morning's paper, I read a snippet about a 19-year-old woman (I call that a girl, much as I referred to the 25ish-year-old kid I worked with as a kid) who left her five-week-old baby on the roof of her car. Most of us, including me, have left a coffee cup or other small item on our car roof at least once in our lifetime. But a baby strapped to an infant seat? It is bad enough to put your kid on top of the car to begin with (I think I would have had trouble lifting my kid in her infant seat that high), but to leave the baby there, drive away, and not realize it? Wow.

But what really got me in this story (because a witness spotted the baby atop the car roof in an intersection, and he was unharmed, I could move on from that) and partly, if not mostly, explains why this happened was the following: The child's mother, her boyfriend, and their friends had been smoking marijuana earlier in the evening. Upset that her boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of DUI, police say Clouser went to the home of friends and smoked more marijuana.

I don't pretend to an expert in drugs, and I know that a number of people prefer that drugs, at least marijuana, would be legalized. But isn't marijuana a depressant much like alcohol? And currently weed, unlike alcohol, is illegal (though alcohol is illegal to those under 21; I have no idea how old the boyfriend is). I wondered how this idiot girl could not see the irony in getting mad that her beau drank then drove, while she smoked dope then drove. But she did leave her baby on the roof of her car...

Yep, a real moron.


bluzdude said…
Maybe she was a Mitt Romney supporter and tried to follow in his footsteps. But at least Mitt had his dog carrier tied down.

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