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I need a date!

No, I don't mean I need to go somewhere with the hubby. We did that not too long ago, remember? And the kid will be at grandma's again in another week, so we should get to go on another mini-date. Mini because my husband will be on call, which he is six months out of the year. And that means he cannot go far from home in case he gets a call and particularly if he has to go somewhere.

Which brings me to why I need a date.

Next weekend I will be meeting up with some fellow bloggers, none of whom I have met in real life and at least half of whom have blogs I have never read, for dinner. I was planning to take Jordan since a couple of the bloggers are bringing their kids. Then hubby informed me a few days ago that he looked at our calendar and saw that I had a blogger dinner, so he figured that would be a good time to send the kid to grandma's.

I had reservations about taking Jordan anyway. The next oldest kid there will be four, and I was not sure how Jordan would do with someone so young at a restaurant (at a park, she would be just fine). And I was pretty sure she was just going to be bored. But now that I don't have her to take, and because hubby is on call*, I have to go alone.



Years ago, I would show up to various PSU events alone because I always knew a few people, and I was quite outgoing, so I was never bothered by going up to strangers. But that was then, and this is now. And everyone going to this dinner is bringing someone else.

Anyone want to be my date? :-)

* Even if Bri were not on call, I am pretty sure he would do whatever he could to get out of this. I am feeling uncomfortable about this, and at least I know a bit about some of these people. Brian, who is quite introverted, would probably be fairly miserable if he went.


bluzdude said…
I promise that we'll make this as un-traumatic as possible!

I can tell you that I was a nervous as you are the first time we did this, because none of us knew each other. I was afraid we were going to get there and just stare at each other, no knowing what to say. I even went so far as to make a list of talking points, in case of emergency. But the second we sat down, it was like we were already old friends.

Date or no date, you'll have a ball! I promise!
Facie said…
Thanks, Bluz. I am holding you to that promise. If nothing else, the group should have fun with the conservative-libertarian (who does not hate liberals) of the group!
Carpetbagger said…
I second Bluz. The last two have featured lots of great people, plenty of laughs, and zero political debate.

Mrs. Bagger is always a little dubious -- primarily because she is not a blogger, a reader of blogs, or one who spends much time at all on the Internet -- but she always has a great time. And she's more conservative than me... you'll probably leave as BFFs.
bluzdude said…
Plus, we requested a separate table for conservatives.

My friend Sitcom Kelly is coming as well and she doesn't know anyone (but me) either. And she's just starting her blog and is a bit intimidated by everyone else that has one. She's afraid that she won't be as interesting or funny as I've made her out to be in my posts.

But I know that everyone at that table are good people. Dinner is going to rock!
Facie said…
Thanks, Bluz and Bagger. If I end up with insomnia again tonight or tomorrow night, I could always use Bluz's idea and come up with talking points. But it helps just knowing I can be at a table with my "people." :-)

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