Would you call the police?

In the past few days, I have read in the paper/saw on the news two heinous acts against children. A boyfriend of some woman beat her 11-year-old son over the course of a nine-hour period, and the boy eventually died. I won't go into any more details, other than to add that the mother waited over an hour after she got home before calling 911, because what I just wrote is so disturbing as it is. Then last night, I saw on the news (and read this morning) that another boyfriend of another woman sexually assaulted a three-month old.

I am so incredibly sickened and angered by this. What normal person would not be?

And that is the thing: these people cannot be normal.There are lacking something, but what I do not know.

In the first horrendous crime, some neighbors who were interviewed cried, saying they should have done something.

This made me wonder, how many people hear screams or crying down the street or down the hall and actually call the police. Would you?

I am one of those people who has done just that on multiple occasions. I first called the police back in 1997 or 1998, when I lived in an apartment building. I heard the teenager upstairs crying/screaming, and it sounded as if she was getting pushed around. The police came, and I later discovered that it was the dad who was disciplining her (one can only hope it was just that). The dad knew I called, but at least I never heard anything like that again. Who knows what ultimately happened to those people.

In my current neighborhood, I have called the police when I have heard the sounds of people fighting or screaming after dark. It is scary, but I would rather be safe than be sorry, not only for the people involved but for the welfare of the neighborhood in general.

I realize it may just be a couple arguing. Or a parent could be spanking her kid (it is not illegal). And there is the risk that if it is a man (or woman) beating his (or her) partner or child, it could get worse after the police come and leave. But I just cannot help thinking that if you do not err on the side of caution, you might end up reading about your dead neighbor in the paper the next day.

Yeah, pretty sobering, scary thought.


Sherri said…
Yes - call. If you have an odd feeling enough to entertain the thought - call. Good move on your part to do so. So many times, people don't.
MamaRoc said…
I definitely do not hesitate to call. People can be annoyed with me - better that noone ends up dead.

I just decided this morning that I'm giving up the news for Lent. I can't take these stories of little people (didn't even see the three-month-old one yet)being abused.

I'm still haunted by the stories of that guy that left his 2-yr-old on the playground at night where she froze to death (because she only had a blanket and diaper). What can a 2-year-old do to warrant that exactly?

It is sickening, sobering and extremely sad. How can we have this many crazy people in the world?
Facie said…
Glad you ladies agree, though I know at times, hubby and I have yelled at each other louder than we should have, and I can't help but think how embarrassing it would be if someone called the police. But, again, I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

MamaRoc: Good plan for Lent. I showed some restraint yesterday by not reading the negative child-related AP News article on my FiOS widget.

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