Number 3

Yesterday, I sent out my third thank-you note for my thank-you note project. This one went to a woman I met four and a half years ago when our daughters attended the same preschool and then the same kindergarten (they were in the same place, the same room, actually). I really like R; she is younger than me, though we have the same birthday, and she seems to be a good, loving, caring mom to her three kids. She seems sincere, and she is not one of those gossipy women. We have managed to stay in touch over the years, though because of her work schedule and large (to me, anyway) family, we don't get together too often, which is a shame because Jordan really likes her daughter, who is sweet and quiet, just the kind of friend you want your kid to have.

I decided to send R a note because, as a real estate agent, she has been sending me housing information to help me fight my assessment case. As I ranted about a few weeks ago, our assessment went up even though we live in an area where the median home price has gone down. I am planning to fight this, and I am fairly confident (on some days, anyway) that I will win, which to me means getting our assessment down to what we paid for our house. But I would have almost no chance of winning if I did not have this information from my friend. If I show the assessment people the houses that have sold within 1 mile of my house with the same number of bedrooms and baths, and how 90 percent of them sold for less than what mine did, I have to think I have a good case.

Anyway, I hope R appreciates my note, which not only thanked her for providing me with needed information, but also complimented her on the type of person she is.

Still thinking about the next note...


bluzdude said…
How could she now? That was very sweet.
LaLa said…
You go! I am enjoying reading about these notes so keep it up.
Facie said…
I hope to one day soon come up with an "exciting" or really meaningful note; so far my notes have been boring, and, as far as I know, have not greatly affected the recipients (or maybe even at all). But even if they make the people smile or feel appreciated for five seconds, I think it is worth it. Don't we all deserve that?
chris h. said…
Anyone would love receiving such a note. Inspired by you, I sent a short note with my mom's completed tax return, thanking her accountant for making the yearly hassle go so smoothly. When it seems like disappointing customer service is so often the norm these days, it really is special when something goes the way it's supposed to! Meaningful thank-you's are always appropriate and welcome.
Facie said…
Chris, glad I could be inspirational. Thanks! :-)

And glad that you had a good customer service experience.

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