That was a looooooong week

I spent the past 1.5 weeks subbing for the music teacher (who also teaches social studies to third graders). The last time I went to work five days in a row, Jordan was in utero. That was a long time ago.

Anyway, I have come away with some observations:

  • My mom was right when she said I should have practiced the piano more. My trying to play songs with the kids was not a smooth thing. In my mind, I could play whatever was in front of me, but my fingers had a different idea. Probably because I can't sight read anything. Oh, well.
  • If I never hear "Wiggle Worm" again, that would be just fine for me. However, the K through 3rd grade kids love moving around to that song and then trying to stand like a statue. What they don't like is when I tell them they have moved and then they have to sit down.
  • Those who talk the loudest often sing the softest. But boy can they "scream-sing." Ugh.
  • The one kindergarten class was surprisingly attentive when I tried to teach them the National Anthem. Hope some of the words stick with them.
  • Enya was a hit with a lot of the second grade girls (and some younger and older ones too). A few of the impressions that some songs made on the kids were interesting. One girl said a song reminded her of cemetery, which was peaceful to her. Another girl drew an elaborate picture of animals, inspired by Enya's "Storms in Africa."
  • Arrested Development proved popular for a lot of the kids, the boys more so. I was glad that one second grader, who hated every Enya song I played, got up and moved to "Tennessee."
  • It was cool for me to get out CDs I had not listened to in years. If I had been needed next week, Depeche Mode, Bette Midler, and Pearl Jam would have been up next (Nine Inch Nails is probably not a good choice for a Catholic school).

Now excuse me while I craw up the stairs and veg out. I think I deserve it.


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