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There is no way this post is getting a picture!

Wonder how many people will be enticed by that title?! As an aside, for some reason, my blog got 120 hits in a 24-hour period. No idea why. Since I discovered the stats tool thingy, I have averaged close to 500 hits a month; some days I get only a few hits, and other days this blog sees several dozen visitors. But 120 in one day? That is weird.

Anyway, I had to share this recent shopping experience. First of all, I am not a fan of shopping. I am what several of my guy friends call a guy's girl; I would much rather watch a sporting event (football and hockey, mostly) than do anything girly. And when it comes to shopping (which, to review, I hate), Kohl's and Target are my two favorite stores because I am very anti-mall (all those stores just overwhelm me) and I can get almost everything I need at those two places anyway. So when I realized I had to buy a new bathing suit (thanks to the super-chlorinated, bathing-suit eating pool where Jordan and I swim), I knew a trip to Kohl's, a place where I also happened to have a credit, was in order.

To my surprise, Brian suggested the three of us go to Kohl's after our trip to Home Depot. He reasoned (and I agreed) that it made little sense for him to drive alone to Home Depot only for me and Jordan to drive to Kohl's later when the stores are only a mile or two apart, what with gas costing something like a $435 per gallon (or so it seems).

So once we get there, I head to the swim suit section (do people say swim suit or bathing suit? I guess I can't make up my mind) and proceed to pick up a bunch of tops and bottom, in two sizes.

Brian, who was a section over with Jordan, took one look at the 12 or so pieces in my hand and said, "Wait. I thought you were shopping for a bathing suit, not putting on a fashion show."
I reply with, "Uh, you can't just grab one and be done."
To which Brian counters, "Why not? That's what I would do."

A woman somewhere near my age happened to hear this conversation, smiled at me, and said, "If only it were that easy." I smiled back and wondered what planet my husband was from. I mean seriously. How can any guy who has been in a relationship for even a year not realize that of any article of clothing, a bathing/swimming suit is not something you look at and just buy? Am I wrong?!

In any event, I tried on those babies pretty quickly. They were bathing suits, so of course, nothing looked great. When you have a butt the size of a small country, yet a fairly flat/small waist (at least in comparison to the booty), finding a bottom that fits is nearly impossible. And apparently the few pounds I have dropped since last summer were not enough to knock me down a size, but rather just make the waist a little looser in my usual size. But considering my current suit bottom was just about to the see-through, completely stretched-out/Lycra-less point, I was in no position to hold out for the perfect-fitting suit. And, as has been clearly established, going to another store (or, gasp, the mall) was not going to happen.

So, I went with the best combination I could find, happy to have a skirt (I am all about covering up the top of my thighs, which happen to be the least favorite part of my body), even if it was a little bit big in the waist, as well as a better fitting, conservative top, which will allow me to swim fast(ish). It may not be the perfect suit, but, really, does the perfect suit (that does not cost big bucks) even exist?

Here's hoping this one lasts awhile. But no matter when I have to put it out to pasture, you can bet I won't be taking the hubby on my next bathing suit shopping trip!


Sherri said…
OK - obviously... we're gonna need a picture :-). Kidding. I'm the same way. Anyway - glad you found one.
chris h. said…
Bathing suit.

I have not purchased a bathing suit in 11 years or so, and have not even donned a bathing suit in 6 years.

Cannot imagine going through that ordeal with my husband waiting for me. Give yourself a gold star.
Facie said…
Thanks for the support, ladies! I am glad I found one too, and I will give myself a gold star! If not for the suit-eating chlorine, I would have happily kept wearing my current suit for years to come.

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