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I swear I am not doing this to cause controversy (plus Random ramblings)

I sent Jordan to school today (Friday) with turkey pepperoni. A smarter, less controversial parent would not have done so, but my kid wanted the pepperoni, and she is not doing anything wrong! And now that the kids know the Lenten guidelines, they really should leave her alone. Will they? Well, I guess we will find out.

To follow up from earlier this week, the girls at Jordan's table (including Jordan) did meet with the principal on Monday, although no one admitted to taking the sandwich or seeing anything. Regardless, I consider the issue closed, and I hope whoever took it will learn something from this. One of the moms did email me asking what went on, as her kid was apparently upset by the principal confrontation. I emailed her back what I knew, saying that most parents would be concerned if their kid's lunch was taken. I also said it was good for the kids to hear the correct guidelines (of course, Jordan brought in the guidelines and shared them with the kids at lunch prior to that!) as well as the message that it is wrong to take another's food no matter what. As I said to her, it is a shame that more kids/everyone could not hear that message, but that is not up to me.

Now on to some random ramblings:

  • Speaking of Lent, I gave up two things this year: sweets and stupid fights with Brian. I am doing quite well without the sweets (it helps that Sunday is a day off), but, not surprisingly, I have had trouble letting the little things go with Brian. I could not even make it through dinner on Ash Wednesday without our having some slightly heated conversation. Sigh. But I blame part of that on my next point (and I also swear we do not do this all the time).
  • I finished a two-week proofreading project today. Well, at least I think it is done. I thought the same thing last Friday, but then the client asked if I would proofread additional things this week. I am happy for the work, though it totally kicked my butt. The last time I worked more than 40 hours in a week was probably before I had Jordan (once I had her, I went to 32 hours, but sometimes did work a 40-hour week). And working 12 days in a row, with some 10- and 11-hour days, really made my head swim and my eyes crossed. It will be nice to have a break. And after the controversy at school, I am guessing I won't be subbing again for awhile...
  • Speaking of working and money, my attitude about tax refunds has changed. I used to like getting only a few hundred dollars back; that meant fun money and the government would not be earning interest on my money. But thanks to a kid and a house (plus various other things throughout the years), we now get a much larger refund. And because I earn so little interest now, I am happy to have that money at once, rather than get more each month/week. Last year, we were able to buy windows with that money. This year that money will help float us until I get paid for my project. My opinion is that as long as you have enough money to pay your bills every month, then getting a nice chunk from the IRS is not a big deal. But for those who struggle to make ends meet and/or put things on interest-bearing credit cards, it makes no sense to get that lump sum; they need that money in their paychecks (and that will be us in another two months, thanks to Uncle Sam's cutting the UC cord).
  • And speaking even more of money, can someone smarter or at least more knowledgeable than I explain to me why our governor, lieutenant governor, and members of "America's largest full-time state legislature" do not take a pay freeze (pay cut would be even better)? I don't want to hear that it would just be a drop in the bucket. So what? If you are in debt, doesn't it make sense to trim whatever you can? And I think it is a bunch of crap when those people say they will give their increase to charity. Because they are really giving our money to charity. And how about getting rid of the per diems, cars, etc.? People, the economy is bad. We all have to sacrifice.
  • And I don't even know what to say about what is going on in Japan. Other than I will just end this post counting my many blessings.


Facie said…
Just wanted to follow up by saying lunch on Friday went just fine. No one said a word to Jordan, thankfully, about her pepperoni. Despite what a few friends and relatives think, I think I did the right thing by talking to the principal. Otherwise, Jordan probably would have been harassed again (maybe that is too strong of a word, but you get the idea). Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe in/what you know is right (or in that case, point out what was wrong). :-)
Mel said…
sometimes you just have to remind/educate people on the actual rules that they are being paid to enforce. unreal. ready to home-school yet?

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